'Off to Plains We Go,' a new children's book by author Afra Brown, addresses the importance of forgiveness while confronting discrimination

In a world where children are increasingly exposed to a wide variety of cultures, they must have the opportunity to learn about different races and cultural behaviors positively and respectfully. Children's books about racism and diversity can play an important role in this education by assisting them in understanding and appreciating the differences among individuals.

Children can learn that people of various races and civilizations have the same basic wants and feelings. These books and other educational materials can also demonstrate that all cultures have a lot more in common than initially assumed. Children can learn from stories that people of different races can be friends, that people can all learn from one another, and that everyone can all work together to make the world a better place.

Introducing youngsters to a diverse range of books about different cultures can aid in the fight against racism and prejudice. Children must see themselves represented in books to feel respected and included. They must also be exposed to books about various cultures to appreciate and understand individuals who are different from them.

Numerous excellent children's books about racism and diversity are available, so there is no reason for these reading materials to be excluded from children's education. Its inclusion makes way for the creation of a more tolerant and inclusive world for future generations.

Afra Brown takes on the challenge of having more inclusivity in children's books

Afra Brown, a children's author, has launched a new illustrated book called 'Off to Plains We Go.'

This is her fourth book and the latest installment in The Adventures with Kelly and Layla series. In the story, Kelly is a white goat and Layla is a black lamb. They are best friends and are going to Plains to see Kelly's grandparents. Layla has always lived in Mounds with other black sheep, so she is interested to see how Kelly's grandparents and the other white goats in Plains will treat the only black lamb in town.

"This book highlights the necessity of forgiveness while dealing with discrimination. These endearing characters will teach children about making smart decisions, respecting each other's feelings, and appreciating their uniqueness," Brown explains.

Overcoming fears by telling stories

Afra Brown says she loves these stories because some of her own life experiences inspire them.

"I write children's books based on societal issues like racism, discrimination, tolerance, self-esteem, and accepting differences. I face my fears by sharing my stories. I often wish that I had had these books to read when I was a child to explain some of the many situations I was going through," Brown explained.

Aside from 'Off to Plains We Go,' Brown is also the author of other beloved titles like 'The New Kid in Mounds (2018), A Day for Hay (2020), and Fujo the Bonobo (2021). In addition to writing, Brown also teaches preschoolers in Atlanta, GA.

"Children should know that they are special and should never let anyone make them feel otherwise. These books are a wonderful way for parents and teachers to help children with some of the most important life lessons," Brown added.

Afra Brown hopes that her novels will help youngsters suffering from self-esteem and identity issues, as well as those battling with intolerance, find healing.

"My goal through the messages in these stories is to help influence children to be better, kinder, more confident, and more tolerant adults one day," she said.

Afra Brown's new book, 'Off to Plains We Go: Adventures with Kelly and Layla' is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Afra Brown

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