Nurturing future entrepreneur and business leaders with passion

Entrepreneurship has become a critical component of a society's growth and well-being.

RichWorks takes pride in grooming business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs who are able to add social value to their businesses by looking beyond profit margins and emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community. They have been developing purposeful business leaders with a unique business approach and perspective over a decade.

"Purposeful leaders, we believe, should have a significant impact on a company, looking beyond the divisions and hierarchy. Leaders must be able to see the "big picture" of the organization and the business landscape in order for real transformation to occur," according to Azizan Osman.

As a result, RichWorks provide numerous opportunities for business leaders to be deeply involved in specific scenarios in which they are challenged to see things from the perspective of an 'investor-preneur', as a result, improve business processes.

RichWorks' learning methodology is based on real-world and situational experiences. The one-on-one mentor-mentee coaching approach combines a great foundation with opportunities to apply these techniques in real-world business scenarios.

This is accomplished through a number of coaching and learning strategies that expose business leaders to various real-world settings and industry-relevant practices.

In 2021, RichWorks served over 605,000 participants through 13 fully funded Entrepreneurship Programs including Wanita Bangkit Berniaga (Women Rise in Business), which was recognized by the House of Representatives in Parliament as a strategic collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development.

Despite the fact that the pandemic was still present last year, RichWorks Mentorship members saw exponential growth in their sales revenue: -

Sales were RM3.7 billion for Titanium, Spire, and EliteX, which had 1,855 members. The 312 Titanium Entrepreneurs produced RM3.2 billion in revenue. SPIRE members contributed RM495 million in revenue, while EliteX members generated RM46.9 million in revenue. 72 entrepreneurs break through to RM1 million in annual sales. There were 77 companies with annual sales of more than RM10 million, 5 companies with annual sales of more than RM50 million, and 5 companies with annual sales of more than RM100 million.

In the same year, RichWorks' charity arm, Pertubuhan Kebajikan RichWell raised RM501, 497 to help over 2,000 households.

During Eid al-Adha (Haj), Mentorship members donated 762 goats and 84 camels worth RM834, 160 to the underprivileged. For Maulidur Rasul (Birth of the Prophet), 9 students were funded to continue their education in Tarim Yemen with a sponsorship of RM180, 000.

Consequently, RichWell and its network of entrepreneurs were able to raise RM500, 000 for flood victims across the country within 24 hours on December 18, 2021.

To recognize his enormous contributions to nation-building and the Malaysian economy, Coach and Mentor Azizan Osman were awarded the BUSINESS MENTOR SUPERHERO AWARD by NONA, Malaysia's high aspirations lifestyle magazine.

With the triumphs of 2021, Azizan and RichWorks will continue their mission of developing human capital and entrepreneurs to unprecedented levels in 2022, with the hope of supporting more business owners across the country to build successful businesses and transform lives.

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