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When Mark Fazio adopted his first dog Cash, he was surprised to find the typical range of leashes, collars, and harnesses on the market were of low quality and would often rip or stain.

Cash had been rehomed twice before and Fazio, who promised Cash this would be his forever home, wanted better quality accessories that not only lasted but looked good too.

"Throughout the first several months, we ran through a bunch of leashes, collars, and harnesses that we tried out for Cash," says Fazio. "They just didn't work out. They were all bad quality, they would stain, rip, and were just not stylish at all."

So Fazio stopped wasting money on these inferior products and created Noble Pets Co.

He chose the name 'Noble' to align with the fine and admirable qualities his pet accouterments would represent.

Noble Pets supplies top-quality, comfortable and fashionable leashes, collars, and harnesses to owners who love their fur babies as much as Fazio loves Cash.

One of Noble Pets' best-selling products is the Leash and Harness Bundle, a comfortable, modern-looking, and durable combo that is typical of the Noble Pets' quality.

"The quality of our products is unmatched and offers supreme comfort," says Fazio.

The style is simple, modern, and on-trend. I always liked the phrase 'If you look good, you feel good.' We want that for you and your dog. And our guarantee will make you feel more comfortable too."

Built on the principle of providing products that prioritize the welfare of your best friend, Noble Pets Co. is now one of the most highly rated online pet accessory stores in the market.

In one review, a customer called Alyssa described her experience with Noble Pets: "We have tried a lot of different brands and nothing has fit Theo like Noble Pets. The material for the harness was so comfortable and easy to put on him. The collar and leash are durable and simple to put together."

Another review from Whitney raved: "I always want my dogs to look stylish when I am walking them and the Noble Pets products achieve that. These products are high quality - and you can tell this as soon as you take them out of the package. Highly recommended."

Noble Pets' success in the market is proof they have created a brand that improves the quality of your dog's life.


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