New forms of NFTs are worth their weight in gold

More than 45 years ago, governments all over the world debased their currencies without the support of gold. Governments have issued an increasing amount of fiat currency to bail out central banks in both developed and developing nations around the world that have repeatedly failed.

The end result is widespread global economic uncertainty due to rising leverage, negative interest rates, unprecedented debt, currency devaluations, and serial defaults.

Fiat currencies--those whose value is determined by a central government--are one of the reasons crypto has taken off in recent years. Much of the push behind Bitcoin and Ethereum is about establishing currencies that have a fundamental base value, like gold. Intrinsic value is courtesy of rarity and immutability.

Bridging digital and physical worlds with fully-backed crypto and NFTs

Many countries have already utilized blockchain technology as a new form of transacting, and the technology continues to offer the best chance to fix flaws in the current financial system, which is what some cryptos and NFTs like the ones produced by Gold Silver Standard seek to do.

According to them, money can once more be based on an unbreakable foundation, as opposed to the current FIAT system, which is backed by "government promises."

Gold Silver Standard adheres to a system where the benchmark is supported by a currency that has been widely accepted by society for millennia. The project team combines the advantages and uses of blockchain technology with the security and dependability of a timeless asset.

Bullion functions as a long-term store of value and have maintained its real purchasing power for thousands of years. Bullion remains the ultimate dollar hedge and is the only global currency that is no one's liability. Indeed, bullion is "pure money."

Combining the timeless asset and metaverse

Gold & Silver Standard features two tokens: AUS and AGS. AUS represents one gram of gold, while AGS represents one gram of silver. The tokens are also sold with a guarantee, ensuring the NFT's owner "has full legal rights to redeem the physical gold bar."

Unlike other currencies, the firm's digital tokens (AUS and AGS) are fully backed by physical gold and silver, already vaulted, quarterly audited, and insured. This gives your digital currency a true value pegged to the pre-eminent hard monetary assets of gold and silver.

Gold & Silver Standard

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