Meet The Nick Egan Times: The top podcast you can listen to in 2022

Nick Egan Times podcast aims to encourage critical thought, discussion and action amongst viewers. Talking to different professionals from around the world, Egan draws out meaningful conversations with real people telling their real stories.

The podcast "Nick Egan Times" features interviews with a wide range of professionals, as he invites well-known athletes, musicians, artists, actors, actresses, celebrities, politicians, comedians, entrepreneurs and more.

"As I interview people from various professions, my podcast provides specific enlightenment, experience, stories, and exposure to information," says host Nick Egan.

"We share knowledge with you that you may not be aware of, a knowledge that comes from real people telling real stories."

Tackling topics with different professionals, Egan leads his listeners on a sonic journey of their success. Recent episodes include an interview with Sophie Auster, Robyn Lawley, Cheat Codes and Lumidee.

Egan says that these interviews give the guests exposure to new demographics worldwide. It also gives them exposure to a market in which they may have no traction or need to get into through interviews.

"With such a large audience, I am willing to accommodate anything that will be promoted during the interview with a guest," adds Egan.

Egan has built the podcast from the ground up 16 months ago. Now, he has a massive audience of new and existing listeners, and his listening base is compiled of an international audience.

Nick Egan Times has created a lot of buzz on the internet, with 5-star ratings and positive reviews on Itunes and Apple Podcasts. It has a devoted community of listeners and has regularly been at number 1 on the podcast charts.

Asked about his plans, Egan says he will ensure the consistency, longevity and great interviews of the podcast.

Nick Egan Times is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Google Podcasts.

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