Meet Mandox: The next big thing in the crypto and NFT world

The Mandox team is gearing up for the launch of MandoXCreate after its initial token and NFT offerings sold out early.

Their planned projects have gained enormous attention from both mainstream outlets and on social media, topping off a great few weeks for Mandox and its developers.

The project team will drop 1000 NFTs at a time and only 10,000 NFTs will ever be in circulation. Each NFT is unique and will bring incredible utility to the Mandox's holders, according to Mandox CEO Luke Humphries.

"We are going to launch our own NFT marketplace platform called MandoXCreate, which is created by artists for artists," he says.

Mandox also offers investors a myriad of benefits simply for holding $MANDOX tokens, including MandoXPlay. This clever play-to-earn game will give holders and investors a fun new way to earn money.

MandoXPlay players can earn in-game currency that can later be used to purchase NFTs, or transferred directly to their cryptocurrency wallets and sold or traded for tokens or currencies they can use for real-world payments.

The Mandox team is constantly innovating and is currently working on a range of other exciting plans.

"We are actively building projects that will delight crypto and NFT enthusiasts alike," says Humphries.

"One of these is our own music NFT platform - MandoXBeats - which will radically transform the way music is done in the future."

Mandox have not announced the release dates of these projects but have pledged to keep people updated via their social media platforms.

In a recent Facebook post, Humphries extended his gratitude to everyone who is supporting the Mandox projects.

About Mandox

The Mandox token is an ERC-20 token launched on November 26, 2021, with the goal of creating a safe platform for crypto enthusiasts and crypto artists alike.

At Mandox, artists can promote both their NFTs and their music. By purchasing $MANDOX, artists can register their artwork on the Mandox platform, effectively making it their platform.

Mandox strives to change people's lives too. Two percent of every $MANDOX transaction is deducted and redistributed to their Missions Wallet, which is used to support those in need and to fight poverty.

Mandox is currently available for purchase on Uniswap, LBank and Shibawap.


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