Meet Equality NFT: Top NFT project set to explode in 2022

Brooklyn, NY / July 11, 2022 / A philanthropic group of entrepreneurs are launching an NFT project with the hopes of promoting equality and unity at a time when differences in the world are taking center stage.

The collection will include an extremely limited supply of 10,140 NFTs. Each is composed of 195 female and 195 male base characters and has 26 identifiable traits, representing the world's population of countries, nationalities and races.

The proceeds from the sale of the collection will be used to expand the brand and donate directly to causes that the project team has recently seen in the media that stem from a racial or gender divide.

Equality NFT is a different project from those asking for donations to a gofundme or similar platform. It allows the NFT owner to benefit from a more significant resale value and to be a part of a community of individuals who genuinely care about others and want to make a difference.

Co-founder Saul began this project based on principles he learned very early on about people and relationships from his father.

"I was taught to judge someone based on their character and not their socioeconomic status, race, gender, or any other factors, simply how they are as a human being," he says.

"Every Friday evening we host a Sabbath Dinner. We have people from all walks of life attend; upperclass, middle class, it does not matter - as long as you are a person of good character and morals, you are welcome at our table. These are the ideals I want to convey through our NFT collection and overall brand."

This project has been discussed by numerous thought leaders in the NFT and Web3 communities and is expected to be a much sought-after project on its release in a few weeks. Other projects similar to this have sold out within minutes of launch.

Join their discord and social media for more information. You can find more info at

Judy Miller
Equality NFT

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