Maskless? Is ImmuneMist a Potential Solution to Calm Fears?

Congresswoman Nancy Mace is demanding answers. She wants to know why federal agencies have ignored reports about the efficacy of nasal sprays as a treatment for Covid-19.

Government health agencies have not been promoting nasal sprays to treat or prevent COVID-19.

According to the representative, studies show that nasal sprays have potential benefits against the virus. She added that the American people should be informed.

Experts expect more members of congress, like Mace, to ask federal agencies to explain why it's filing lawsuits that seem to be suppressing potential treatments for COVID-19.

However, studies presented by experts found that nasal sprays like ImmuneMist could be an effective element in the war against airborne viruses.

Stan Lech, an expert in the health industry and CEO of ImmuneMist said that nasal and oral cleansing products are additional layers of protection for consumers during these challenging times.

Nasal and oral sprays are designed to help clean noses and the oral cavities where viruses and germs replicate (sometimes referred to as viral load) and then begin to infect the body. Products containing low dose iodine have proven safe and effective for more than fifty years. Numerous clinical studies prove these sprays to reduce viral load in the nose and oral cavity.

Dr. Darrell DeMello, who has treated some 8,000 covid patients is a staunch advocate for early treatment like nasal sprays.

"Covid should never be more than a mild disease. Doctors in India have learned how to treat this disease early - to start the patient on day 1, day 2, day 3. And the message about early treatment has been hammered home by many of us who have led the fight against covid. In India now, doctors treat these patients early. And you can see that in India the severe illness has come down drastically. There is no reason that any patient should progress to the inflammatory or clotting stage, develop severe covid, be hospitalised, develop long covid, or die. The key is early treatment. Hit it early, hit it hard, and this will be a mild disease at worst".

Experts recommend nasal sprays to patients as a preventative, as well as general treatment for viral infections.

Dr. Peter McCullough said in an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, "the most effective contagion control per 2021 data is actually using oral-nasal virucidal therapy. Virucidal therapy basically using any disinfectant that kills the virus; iodine kills it on contact."

Dr. McCullough explains that povidone-iodine can help with virucidal therapy.

"Using oral-nasal virucidal therapy is such a huge advance that in a randomized trial by Choudhury and colleagues from Bangladesh 303 patients randomised to this virucidal therapy, which is all topical, no prescription drugs, nothing else needed, versus a control group that used just warm water, 303 patients in each group, it dramatically reduced the PCR positivity by day three. It knocked it down from 303 down to 24 patients who were still positive..." This study showcased a 93% reduction in patients testing positive when they used viralidal therapy.

ImmuneMist has been developed to provide consumers fast and timely access to these important benefits showcased as showcased by studies like Dr. Choudhury's above and referenced by leading medical minds like Dr. McCullough.

Experts want federal agencies to consider and promote products like ImmuneMist as they are affordable, backed by science and highly complementary to additional early medical treatments.

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