Mandox's NFT collections are expected to skyrocket in 2022

Mandox's first collection, "The MadMandox," includes 100 completely original hand-drawn art pieces, as well as a few special editions and rare drops, for a total of 112 NFTs minted through Opensea.

"Our pre-sale and token launch took place before the first 100 NFTs were made," says CEO and Creative Director Luke Humphries.

"We have already started working on our main collection, "Discover the Mandox." The story of The Mandox is told in ten episodes. It will include 10,000 NFTs released in 1000-unit increments," he adds.

A new "Tribe of The Mandox" will be introduced in each of the 10 drops, each from a different planet in the Mandox Universe.

In February 2022, the Lacedameon, drop 1 of 10, was released for whitelist and public mint. The whitelisted investors were charged 0.075 ETH per mint, while the general public was charged 0.08 ETH per mint.

"All 1,000 NFTs were snapped up within a week of their release, making the drop a huge success. The value of each NFT is enhanced by its unique characteristics and properties," says their spokesperson.

In March of 2022, The Cyborx, drop 2 of 10, was released for whitelist and public mint, prices were .08 Eth and .09 Eth respectively.

"When we thought it couldn't get any better, the public just wanted more....We are in awe from the support from The Mandox community. Within a week these 1,000 NFTs were sold out and the floor value increased incrementally," exclaimed a founder.

Humphries said that Mandox has plans to use these NFTs in their upcoming Play 2 Earn FPS game. The game will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, which already hosts their native token.

"MandoXCreate will serve as the marketplace for future mints, as well as a gathering place for NFT artists and collectors," he adds.

More about Mandox

Mandox was funded through an initial coin offering (ICO) on The Unicrypt Network, with liquidity locked in for three years. TechRate,, and KYC Castle all performed audits on the Mandox token prior to its launch.

As of February 11, 2022, Skynet remains active, with a security score of 92. Mandox also achieved a perfect 100/100 on Token Sniffer, a contract analysis tool, during this time.

In April of 2022, The Mandox token upgraded its contract to better serve its community and protect shareholders.

"This upgrade takes us out of the meme category. We are utility token that will change the crypto space forever", said Luke Humphries.

The highlights include:

Decreasing the size of developer team holdings Provide staking for Mandox Token and all of the Mandox NFTs Collection Use the Native Token in P2E Game Pair with Ethereum on Exchanges Protection for trading Bots and or Hacks that may occur on a exchanges or wallet

"This is shaping up to be an amazing start to Q1 for The Mandox Team", said one analyst.

If you are interested in learning more about Mandox, you can find them on and the contract is listed below.


James Nottingham
Senior Journalist

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