Mandox: huge growth expected in FY22

The growth potential of Mandox is enormous. Its unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - Mad Mandos - have already attracted huge numbers of crypto enthusiasts.

MANDOX, an ERC-20 coin that was released in November 2021, was created to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and NFTs. It is a platform where crypto enthusiasts and artists can come together in a secure environment to explore the cryptoverse.

"With MANDOX, you can dip your toe into the crypto world, observe what is happening and take full advantage of it," says a spokesperson.

Mandox was recently listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. You can also find Mandox on LBank, Shiba Swap and Saitimask. They are off to a terrific start, with goals to expand their listings on to more exchanges in 2022.

MANDOX NFTS is a unique collection of NFTs, each meticulously created by an individual dedicated artist from the 'new world'. Mandox plans just 1,000 new releases per drop, and there will only ever be 10,000 in circulation. The mint date for the whitelist is February 3rd at 11 am central. The public sale will be on February 4th at 11 am central. Whitelist mint price is 0.075 eth, public price is 0.08 eth. Max mint of 5 per wallet on whitelist day and again on a public day. The first 1,000 drop is the tribe: the Lacedameon. See the collection here. Future tribes will be hosted on MandoxCreate planned to release at the end of February.

Crypto altruism

Mandox is a community-driven platform whose primary mission is to give back. Two percent of every transaction with 'MANDOX' - their ticker symbol - is deducted and redistributed to their Missions Wallet, which is used to support those in need and to fight poverty.

"When you join Mandox, you become a part of something much more than cryptocurrency. You become part of a global movement to help others, as well as yourself," the spokesperson added.

Mandox is about supporting people in need. With feet on the ground in Guatemala, they are constantly striving to change people's lives.

How to buy MANDOX

Mandox is currently available for purchase on Uniswap, LBank and Shibawap.

To buy MANDOX, simply register an ETH account on Metamask or Coinbase, and then go to Uniswap and add Mandox's token address, which is located here.

After that, when you connect your Metamask or Coinbase Wallet to Uniswap, you can buy ETH and transfer it to your Wallet. With your ETH in hand, you are ready to set Slippage from five to ten percent and swap it for MANDOX.

Upcoming projects

Mandox boasts thousands of members on its social media sites. They have a large network of crypto enthusiasts, and an ever-growing Discord community.

Mandox has exciting plans in store for their members. "We have innovative solid release plans that will change the Web3 space and are thrilled for these projects to come to fruit," said the spokesperson.

"At Mandox, artists have the chance to market their NFTs, as well as their music. When you purchase MANDOX, you simply register your art on our platform, making it your platform," added the spokesperson.

They will also launch MandoXPlay (a play-to-earn game), MandoXedu (video library teaching the basics of crypto and NFTs) and MandoXBeats (their music NFT platform).

The Mandox team is holding contests and promotions, as well as giving away freebies, including the Mandos founders collection.

With so many engagements on social media and other review platforms, it is clear that crypto enthusiasts are excited about Mandox.

You can communicate with the team via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Telegram.

James Nottingham
Senior Journalist

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