Life coach Roze Cook shares four reasons why female mentorship is important now more than ever

Working women have suffered far more significant consequences from the COVID-19 pandemic than men. According to Harvard Economics Professor Claudia Goldin, the gender disparities that predated the pandemic are now exacerbated. Women have been disproportionately affected by job losses, work schedule reductions, and time spent caring for children and taking care of the home.

Women require assistance - particularly those who are starting new careers or making career changes - and strong and capable mentors can be a great source of support in these big shifts. Mentors can be of considerable assistance in assisting women in navigating the novel and unheard-of obstacles they face.

Roze Cook, a Melbourne-based entrepreneur, designer, mother, and life coach, shares four compelling reasons why highly motivated women need female mentorship more than ever:

1. There aren't enough female role models in the workplace

Cook: Men continue to outnumber women in numerous workplaces. As a result, women may find it challenging to locate mentors and role models within their own organizations. A female mentor can help navigate the hurdles of working in a male-dominated environment.

2. Women have particular workplace problems

Cook: Women frequently encounter particular employment obstacles, such as gender bias and sexual harassment. A female mentor can help deal with these problems by providing support and expert advice.

3. Women must overcome more obstacles to achieve their professional goals.

Cook: Women may be confronted by barriers that men will most likely not encounter when attempting to advance in their careers. A female mentor can offer encouragement and guidance on overcoming these difficulties and achieving success.

4. Women should connect with other successful women

Cook: Having a female mentor can assist ambitious women in gaining access to a network of other accomplished women. As a source of encouragement, guidance, and assistance, these networks are proven beneficial in accelerating the process of accomplishing goals.

About Roze Cook

A passionate and driven woman, Roze is a successful entrepreneur and life coach from Melbourne. She trained as a Master Coach at The Coaching Institute, specialising in neuro-linguistic programming.

Through her own journey, Roze has learned that anything is possible when one sets their mind to it and takes action. She is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and manifestation. Affirming this, she shares, "I am a strong believer in the power of successful women to motivate other females in all spheres of life. My goal is to help people become self-sufficient, inspired, and powerful."

For more information on Roze Cook, her coaching services, and other upcoming projects, visit her official website at

Roze Cook

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