Leading outsourcing firm Bruntwork is planning to invest in NFT with Space Girl Collection

Outsourcing firm Bruntwork said on Tuesday it is planning to invest in Space Girl Collection due to its groundbreaking release plans this year. Bruntwork is regarded as one of the best in the industry at outsourcing and digital marketing.

"Our plan is the result of the company's commitment to invest in a collection that we care about and believe will provide a good ROI in the future," says Adam Pisk, COO at Bruntwork.

"Blockchain has advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history," says Pisk. "And we believe that we should get exposure to this type of product as part of our diversification."

The hype surrounding Space Girl Collection has ramped up in recent weeks as numerous media outlets have begun reporting on its exciting projects. The goal is to establish a secure financial investment with utility that rewards its members with a potential additional recurring, passive income source.

Pisk says Space Girl Collection's NFTs will give holistic solutions and meet people's needs in the Web 3.0 era.

"With video games, casinos, movie theaters, music performances, jobs, and a beautiful island lifestyle packed with magnificent virtual real estate, it [Space Girl Collection] will be a pioneer in developing a play-to-earn game," adds Pisk.

Space Girl Collection allows people to engage with family members in their virtual movie theater system regardless of location. It also has its own prestigious music production, with Nate Nasa, a Detroit local, as the main music artist.

Furthermore, Space Girl Collection provides users with an intriguing play-to-earn game in which they may compete against their friends and earn passive revenue.

Founded in 2010, Bruntwork is known as the leading outsourcing company that provides dedicated staffing services to international companies of all sizes. They make it easier for their clients to outsource their jobs to a distributed Filipino workforce who can perform tasks virtually.

"A plan is still a plan, but we believe that Space Girl Collection will be a highly acclaimed NFT, delivering greater utility to its holders and investors," says Pisk.

Space Girl Collection

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