Leading FinTech Company to watch out for in 2022

As the crypto industry numbers soar annually, more FinTech companies are being created to make digital transactions seamless.

Bithashex, a FinTech company, is one of the companies to watch out for this year.

BithashEx is an esteemed Fintech Company that utilizes cutting-edge technologies for better digital transactions. Its main goal is to minimize the hassle and unnecessary limitations of bureaucracy and build an easy-to-use, user-centric platform for mass adoption.

BithashEx is a product that aims to change the game of Global Crypto Remittance Services. This Estonia-registered Fintech organization has a long-standing specialization in the provision of full flock Financial Services for the adoption of technologically enhanced Digital Assets by users from all spheres of life.

Bithashex aspires to 'Bank the Unbanked' via the emerging revolutionary Blockchain Technology deemed to be the driving force behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution, alongside Artificial Intelligence.

BithashEx was launched more than two decades ago and has quickly become one of the biggest and most trusted Crypto and Fiat currency exchanges with integrated KYC and Remittance in the digital world. Their official social media accounts boast a community of more than 20-Thousand followers on Instagram (IG) about 15,000 on Facebook more than 17.5K followers in the Twitter world.

This One-stop destination for Fiat and Crypto Trading, Listing, Funding, and Training for global remittance services developed a simple, functional, well-protected, risk-free entry for novices and experienced traders into the Digital Asset Markets for accessing value-added services through the use of BithashEx token and platform.

With thousands of customers all over the globe, BithashEx is proud of its skilled, professional, and agile team, one of the key factors that have earned the company so many happy, satisfied clients. With their financial objectives to help their clients like growing to exceed USD One Billion in the next 10 years; to increase revenue by 35% annually and to increase revenue by 35% annually, it is clear their customers are highly impressed with their offering.


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