Karl Mifsud Shares His Two Cents on How Australians Can Keep Up with Rising Interest Rates

As the mortgage and interest rates in Australia continue to climb fast, the threat of being buried deep in debt is looming large for many families, says Karl Mifsud, inventor of the Home Loan Minimiser. This is because amid the rising cost of living, wages have largely remained the same.

The situation will only worsen unless something is done to address the issue. Some experts are tossing the burden towards the government to invest more in affordable housing and provide greater financial assistance to those struggling to make ends meet. While this addresses the problem at the moment, it is still a short-term solution.

What's clear is If something isn't done soon, the number of people struggling to manage day to day living will only increase. This is a humanitarian crisis that cannot be ignored.

Homeowner atmosphere

Homeowners are extremely nervous and anxious as inflation and interest rates continue to soar to record highs. Australians are now finding it more challenging to keep up with their mortgage payments and those unable to keep up with current rates are forced to sell their homes or face foreclosure. While some can refinance their mortgages and get lower interest rates, many are not so lucky.

According to reports, the successive rate hikes are now costing the average homeowner an extra $610 a month in repayments compared to what they were paying in April. That's not the only issue - Australian homeowners must also deal with decreasing property value after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) lifted the cash rate to 1.85% in July.

Analysts estimate that the most recent hike will cost the average mortgage holder $7,300 extra per year. These issues have left homeowners feeling dismayed, hopeless and reeling because of squeezing household budgets.

Can these problems be mitigated?

People have been conditioned to think it's normal and acceptable to be in debt for most of their lives. This has been the premise shoved down people's throats by accountants and banks, until Karl Mifsud entered the picture.

Mifsud reveals that he hasn't done anything that wasn't already there. In fact, he found it alarming that the methodologies to become debt-free faster are currently available, and yet some advisors on financial matters are failing to introduce them to homeowners.

Using the same principles he teaches in his courses, Mifsud is able to guide people to save thousands of dollars and pay down their mortgages in potentially half the period it takes the average mortgage holder to pay.

The way his courses like the Home Loan Minimiser works is it utilises inside knowledge to help people reappropriate income and expenses. Through the specialised accounting tool where users input all of these details, a tax variation form is registered with the Australian Tax Office and in combination with the designated credit cards.

He also teaches people how to get massive amounts of tax back in their wallet, how to identify the next place to invest in property, how to avoid scams, how to dive deep into cryptocurrency and many other trade secrets.

Mifsud's methods has helped people get out of debt and mortgage loans faster and at less the cost. His course, the Home Loan Minimiser, was even recognised by way of an Innovation Patent by the Australian Government. It has then helped mortgage owners apply the patented solution to become debt-free, showing people it's possible to pay down loans at a fraction of the time and cost people are accustomed to.

As Mifsud has now made the course modules available to the public, Australian homeowners who want to pay down their mortgages faster can check out and sign up through the official website.

Karl Mifsud

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