Is Mandox a legitimate business?

Mandox LLC. was established in the United States in the state of Wyoming in late November of 2021.

Mandox received a high rating from independent algorithms. Sources based this on information found on the internet regarding the site, such as the country in which it is hosted (US), whether an SSL certificate is utilized, and the number of five-star reviews on independent review sites.

Mandox on a mission

With feet on the ground in Guatemala, Mandox strives to change people's lives. Two percent of every transaction with MANDOX - their token - is deducted and redistributed to their Missions Wallet.

"Our Missions Wallet enables us to broaden our efforts in the battle against poverty and people who face unfortunate realities," says Luke, Mandox' CEO and Creative Director. "There is so much money involved in crypto, yet the littlest things can change someone's life drastically."

Another two percent of every transaction with MANDOX is redistributed to their pool of holders. This means that as the community transacts, the value of tokens increases automatically.

Community following

Mandox boasts thousands of members on its social media sites. They have an extensive network of crypto and NFT enthusiasts, more than 5000 Twitter followers and an ever-growing Discord community.

Mandox has also recently opened Telegram and Reddit accounts to better connect with its community.

The Mandox team has exciting plans in store for members, including contests and promotions, as well as giveaways, including the fabled Mad Mandos NFT.

They are also planning 'MandoXCreate', where artists will be able to market their NFTs, as well as their music.

The NFT phenomenon

NFTs are now the hottest digital assets on blockchains, with purchases up 11,000%, compared to a year ago.

Mandox makes it simple for everyone to experience the duality of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Indeed, the MANDOX token was created to bridge the gap between the two.

"It is a platform where crypto enthusiasts, as well as crypto artists, can venture safely and deeply into the crypto-verse," says Luke. "MANDOX allows everyone to get their feet wet, see the changes being made, and enjoy crypto to the fullest."

Mandox is a legitimate business. It is currently available for purchase on Uniswap, LBank and Shibawap. The steps involved are available on their website.

You can communicate with the Mandox team via Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Instagram and Telegram.


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