Is CanGro a legitimate business?

Independent algorithms gave the review of CanGro a relatively high score. Sources have based this rating on the data collected about the site on the Internet such as the country in which the website is hosted (Australia), if an SSL certificate is used, and the number of 5 star reviews across other review websites. It maintains a 4.9 star review score on Product Review.

The rating of the website indicates the site is trustworthy and it's founders, Felecia Tappenden and Belinda Robinson have a long history of selling beauty products at a great price without sacrificing customer service and quality.

CanGro has received incredible accolades from their clients. One review recently said: "I've always had straight, very short lashes that would fall out easily and were hardly visible even with mascara. On one of my eyes I also had a big section of lashes that were much shorter than the rest, making it look like I had virtually no lashes on that eye. I started using this serum during Victoria's long lockdown last year - using it consistently for the 12 weeks. Since then I've used it very sporadically, maybe 1-2 times per week for maintenance (I'm onto my third tube now after 12+ months). This product has completely transformed my lashes - they are so much longer, have much more curl, have evened out in length (no more short section!), and almost never fall out. I can also notice new lashes growing at the base of my lash line every day. When I wear mascara they look even more amazing! While the product is a bit pricey it's definitely worth it as it lasts a long time and genuinely works. Stay consistent with the application and you'll definitely see the results!!" All reviews on Google give CanGro a 5 star review.

CanGro is a lean machine powered by excellent product, quality and amazing customer service and more than 30% growth in revenue during the pandemic - not a bad result for this Australian pure play e-commerce retailer founded by 2 friends.

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