Is BuyersCircle the Next Investment Boom?

Businesses around the world are starting to capitalise on eCommerce, offering their products or services online to reach more potential customers and increase their sales. While it seems easy enough, it is not as hassle-free as people think, especially if you are not tech savvy.

There are certainly risks in starting an online business; security risks, investment loss, incompatible softwares, and poor customer experience, just to name a few. This is where BuyersCircle comes in.

Since its inception, BuyersCircle has become one of the fastest growing social eCommerce platforms in the world. Their FREE, fully integrated social eCommerce app handles everything, from selling to delivery logistics, helping suppliers, business owners, and end consumers. People will not find any other mobile app platform out there that does this, especially with no minimum order quantity.

With BuyersCircle, anyone can start their own eCommerce business with ZERO investment, ZERO overhead, and ZERO logistics to manage. Download the BuyersCircle app and open your virtual store in less than 5 minutes and start sharing and earning in 3 seconds.

Skyrocketing Growth Forecast

In just two years, BuyersCircle has gained more than 780,000 registered users in Australia. This allowed BuyersCircle to average more than 17.4% growth in their month-to-month revenue. Based on these statistics, BuyersCircle is looking at a growth in revenue, from $8M in 2021 to $150M in 2023. This is more than a 1,775% forecasted increase within 2 years.

The Launch of

Right now there are approximately 3.2M to 37.8M influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, according to a Mediakix research. According to The Insight Partners at Statista (2021), by 2023 the worldwide influencer marketing platform size will be at $225.1B. With the influencer industry continuing to grow in numbers and diversity, a lot of them want to earn more through their social media accounts. That is why BuyersCircle launched This online platform allows influencers to search for templated product videos and shape it into their own brand and identity. They can then share this to their social media channels with a unique product link, allowing them to earn commission from their fans and followers every time they purchase the product(s).

BuyersCircle x Shopify Plugin Now Live

BuyersCircle has now geared up to launch their Shopify plugin. With this new platform, sellers will be able to increase their sales through BuyersCircle's local and global supply chain dropshipping capability, meaning business owners and BuyersCircle can mutually benefit and grow merchandising sales revenue through product diversification and cross promotions.

Investment Opportunities

With BuyersCircle's continuous development and diversification in the booming social eCommerce space, it is no wonder that investors are more than willing to back them. BuyersCircle is the fastest growing social eCommerce platform today, with an app for everything businesses need to take advantage of the online marketplace.

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