Important Products During the Pandemic and Why ImmuneMist(TM) Is Ranked #1

The pandemic may have changed our daily lives, but it has also been the cause of critical innovations you should be aware of. Many studies have found that nasal sprays help reduce viral load, yet so many are only learning about these benefits now. Products that reduce viral load directly impact the likelihood of contracting the virus and are a crucial part of a preventative wellness routine.

In some studies, doctors have seen significantly lower hospitalisation and mortality rates in patients who've used povidone-iodine sprays. Emerging science indicates that a reduction in viral load helps protect a person from infection and also the risk of transmission to others.

Airborne virus particles are very small and can easily bypass common face coverings and masks allowing these viral particles to enter the nose and mouth. Nasal and oral sprays provide a critical added layer of protection that does not have these shortcomings. Because of their efficacy, such sprays are quickly rising in popularity.

We've highlighted a leading, expert-endorsed over-the-counter (OTC) brand: ImmuneMist(TM).

ImmuneMist(TM) provides superior nasal and oral cleansing. Launched during the pandemic, ImmuneMist(TM) nasal and oral sprays are designed to cleanse the nose and the oral cavity where your body is first exposed to viruses and germ.

ImmuneMist(TM) was founded by Stan Lech, a chemist and executive with over thirty-five years experience in Big Pharma. Prior to ImmuneMist, Lech lead the development of new products under brands including: Benadryl, Listerine, Aquafresh, Flonase, Tylenol, Sensodyne, and Gold Bond skincare, amongst others.

ImmuneMist(TM) has been endorsed by leading industry experts, including front-line physicians who combated the viruses in recent years. It also helps reduce transmission among family members when physical distancing and isolation are not possible. This is helpful in multi-generational households and individuals that interact frequently with the public.

ImmuneMist(TM) formulations (Nasal Cleanse and Oral Cleanse) have demonstrated rapid activity against germs in a laboratory setting. The formulas contain ingredients that have been scientifically substantiated to be safe and gentle, yet proven to disrupt germs and viruses from taking hold in your nasal and oral cavity. ImmuneMist(TM) is also recommended by name in the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance protocol.

ImmuneMist(TM) is manufactured in the USA and available via the company's website

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