ImmuneMist: Nasal and Oral spray to help boost your body's natural defenses

ImmuneMist is a Nasal and Oral cleansing system developed by Stan Lech, the same pharmaceutical chemist who over the past 35 years developed new products for Flonase, Benadryl, Tylenol, Sudafed, Listerine, Aquafresh, and Sensodyne just to name a few. ImmuneMist has become a key product for boosting the body's immune defenses by cleansing away germs and viruses that burden it. These days, maintaining a healthy and clean respiratory system (which starts with the nose and mouth as entry points) is paramount for wellness.

Following this science, ImmuneMist researchers have formulated a safe and gentle nasal and oral cleanse endorsed by many leading medical doctors and experts. The formulas, one spray product designed for the nasal cavity and the other product for the mouth should be sprayed into people's noses and mouths after exposure to high-risk indoor events such as concerts, sports, or large family gatherings or used for early treatment to reduce germ and virus loads in the nose and mouth, says Lech.

Recently, Dr. Paul Alexander Ph.D., an expert on disease transmission, highlighted that products containing Povidone Iodine have all the right science to neutralize aerosolized germs and viruses that are inhaled into the nose and mouth. In fact, for decades many ENT doctors have routinely used low dose Povidone Iodine to disinfect the nasal and oral cavities of patients before and after surgery.

"Aerosolized virus particles present a challenge as they are very small, and can stay suspended in the indoor air for hours. These particles can easily pass through conventional face coverings and cloth masks, allowing virus particles to enter the nose and mouth. In a laboratory context, the ImmuneMist formulations (Nasal Cleanse and Oral Cleanse) displayed fast action against germs and viruses," ImmuneMist team said.

Dr. Peter McCollough, a leading medical authority, was also in support of the nasal and oral sprays for COVID-19 prevention. In an interview, he explains that povidone-iodine can help with virucidal therapy.

"Using oral-nasal virucidal therapy is such a huge advancement. A randomized test was conducted by colleagues in Bangladesh, in two groups, and 303 patients in each group. One group administered the virucidal therapy with Betadine while the other group used only warm water. The PCR positivity of the group that used the oral-nasal virucidal therapy was significantly reduced," McCullough said.

While the debate continues in the medical community, it is obvious that nasal and oral cleansing rids the nasal and oral cavity of germs and viruses. This is a safe and effective approach to reducing the risk of respiratory infection.

ImmuneMist Nasal and Oral Cleansing sprays are well positioned to help millions of consumers stay well during these difficult times.

About ImmuneMist

ImmuneMist was created in 2020 by veteran pharmaceutical chemist Stan Lech who has developed more than 200 new products for the global marketplace. Immunemist is a nasal and oral cleansing system used as a deterrent against inhaled germs and viruses.

Stan Lech

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