Ibiza View Club's Extraordinary Growth in 2022

The growth of the NFT market during 2021 was exponential, with more investors than ever capitalizing on the trend of owning digital art. This trend shows no signs of stopping in 2022, with an abundance of exciting NFTs growing in value and proving themselves to be beneficial assets to own.

But, with so many collections in this space, knowing which NFT to purchase can be challenging. When searching for the best NFT to buy, seasoned investors will look to gain exposure to up-and-coming projects that offer attractive upside potential.

After all, the overarching objective for most NFT traders is to buy a collection at a low entry price and sell it for a profit at a later date.

With this in mind, in the section below we explore the overall best NFT to buy today for maximum upside.

Ibiza View Club

This club is set to change the world of NFT by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. It consists of versatile NFTs, such as gaming, collectables, art, tokenizing of physical assets, digital assets, and more.

It was launched in November 2021 and quickly became one of the biggest and most trusted NFTs globally. Their social media platforms boast a community of more than a thousand followers, and their 2022 growth was among the highest in the industry. One advantage of this NFT is that its owners will be able to participate in the online governance of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where they can exercise their voting rights as NFT shareholders, upload and exchange their NFTs on the market, and engage with other members of the community.

Holders will also have numerous chances to win raffle prizes, VIP tickets to community events in Ibiza, special access to restaurants, and more.

Ibiza View Club focuses on community support and participation with relatable materials, reasonable costs, and exceptional, genuine views and experiences. These NFTs are distinctive because they are community-oriented and centered.

This collection from artist Christian Durr alias Chrissotino will allow the community to partake in luxury vacations in Ibiza without compensating financially. Additionally, these NFTs remain versatile assets that will appreciate in value by over 1 ETH.

To provide more for its holders, the Ibiza View Club will also have a merchandise store, prints, artwork, and offer high-quality clothing and other rare items that are available in shared ownership.

During its launch, Ibiza View Club has already sold out its art collection. Proof that this NFT is poised for growth this year.

To find out more about Ibiza View Club, you can visit their website.

Ibiza View

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