How the Social Media Influencer Moose is Creating Real-Life Positive Impact in the NFT Community

As the NFT and metaverse spaces continue to gain traction, it's common for social media influencers to simply ride the waves of the trend to gain massive followings. While this may have been effective in the past, statistics show a growing shift in the type of content communities are craving--they want more authentic material. This qualitative shift in current trends is probably why the NFT influencer Moose has grown immensely popular in the past couple of months.

From a very young age, Moose, known for his Twitter handle @JoeyMooose, has always created positive change within his sphere of influence. It wasn't until he discovered the NFT community that he expanded his reach and started connecting with people beyond his immediate sphere. While the older generations only saw the alleged dangers of being connected online, Moose saw a supportive community in the NFT space that was ready to accept individuals regardless of background.

He became more involved and hosted spaces on Twitter biweekly with project owners and influencers. Several of his followers have been treated to interactive spaces for playing trivia nights with many giveaways and random interactive avenues where he asks how people are. Individuals looking for meaningful connections and authentic content found their way into the spaces he was hosting and felt immediately at home. Several have shared their experiences of getting bullied; others open up about hitting rock bottom after being scammed; some share their depressive state after experiencing sickness in the family. These have prompted him to dole out advice, encouragement, and even financial assistance through fundraising. Unsurprisingly, his genuine concern for his audience pushed him to amass around 25,000 followers on Twitter after barely a year of creating his handle.

True to his nature of generous giving and spreading a positive mindset, his followers would often find Moose raising money for charities and giving out tokens to those in need without asking for anything in return. His initiatives, driven by his natural inclination for assisting people, have helped him organically make a name for himself. In fact, he has already raised $1,700 in charity for a children's hospital, has given away free ledgers (cold storage wallets) to help prevent people from getting scammed in the NFT and crypto spaces, and has handed out over a hundred thousand dollars in NFTs and cryptocurrencies from different airdrops. Since he started giving away tokens and valuables, and even Ethereum, to uplift his followers who have experienced the lows of life, he has consistently given away Starbucks gift cards to people around the world.

Apart from his positivity and generosity, Moose is also known for providing invaluable insights into the NFT industry. He has been featured and mentioned in several publications and has been verified in OpenSea, the biggest trading platform for NFTs. His deep understanding of the industry has paved the way for collaborations with project owners. One of his most popular partnerships involved the Pudgy Penguins, where he played a crucial role in establishing its success and imparting an appreciation for NFTs. According to The Defiant, Moose became so attached to his penguin that it became a part of his identity. "I was going through a hard time, and my penguin kind of helped me in a way, but I loved my Penguin, and I felt great," recalls Moose.

Such is his passion for the project, as evidenced when he hollered his famous line, "I am my penguin, and my penguin is me," in one emotional night in the Pudgy Penguins Twitter space, amid the turmoil surrounding the founders and the buyout early this year. This caught the attention of CoinDesk as it sparked the #IAmMy(NFTProject)AndMy(NFTProject)IsMe trend on Twitter, essentially encouraging people to love their NFTs and use it to build their identities instead of just using them for financial gain.

True to this conviction, when asked in an interview with Benzinga what his opinion of Pudgy Penguin founders selling control of the project, Moose responded, "I'll be my penguin regardless of any outcome, regardless if the project goes to nothing."

While he has touched so many lives in the year that he has been active in the NFT space, there appears to be no stopping him from expanding his reach. Moose is set to embark on another milestone and platform as he is preparing to speak at the NFT NYC in June 2022. Continuing his vision and goal of impacting people positively, Moose will talk about the importance of loving the NFTs people have and how to resonate with the people in the community. Equally important, he will share his outlook and what to do when the NFT space enters a bearish market.

As Moose continues to create a safe environment where people are free and comfortable to be who they want to be, to create their own identities through their NFTs, his influence is only bound to grow.

When asked what drove him to enter the space, "When I stumbled into NFT and the communities that are built together, how easy it is to fit in, how everybody wants the best for each other, I felt like these were the communities I wanted to be a part of. I want to make an impact, I want to give and use my positivity and be there for anybody and everybody," shared Moose. This very nature, which speaks to the NFT space as authentic and positive, has undoubtedly pushed him and will continue to drive him to greater heights and platforms.

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