How recruitment company Giide is helping businesses address labour shortages across Australia and discover greater

Businesses across Australia are confronting the worst skill and labour shortages in decades, according to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

In Australia, several industries report a shortage of skilled workers, and more than one in every four companies has difficulty finding qualified individuals to fill open positions.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports that there are currently more than 423,000 vacant positions. This can be attributed to the companies' difficulty finding workers because the applicants lack the skills required.

Connecting employers and job seekers

Giide, a recruitment and workforce solutions company, has been addressing the current problem in the country by helping businesses align their business plans and objectives with their recruitment and workforce plans. Once there is a clear plan and strategy, Giide's team of recruitment experts go to work to deliver outcomes while their clients get on with the day to day operation of their business. Solutions include strategic recruitment planning, local recruitment of engineering, technical, and sales professionals, international recruitment of skilled trades and professionals; mobilisation and immigration support for clients operating in the manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain sectors.

"With the scarcity of skilled workers, it's important to help companies understand the challenge and devise a clear plan and strategy with an awareness of labor markets so we not only help to find the right team but help them prosper in their respective industries," says Dallas Wallace, founder of Giide.

Giide offers a team of skilled staffing professionals dedicated to locating the best candidates for each client and spending time learning about each company's unique goals to discover the ideal fit to deliver greater outcomes.

"We operate as trusted partners and believe it's our duty to ensure we are not just placing candidates into vacant positions but helping our customers to ensure each placement has the greatest opportunity of being successful and, throughout the process, they become better as employers," says Wallace.

By operating in a way that provides a solution rather than a quick fix, Giide ensures that the individuals they place and the businesses they help are set up for long-term success, rather than only resolving short-term concerns.

"We have used Giide for recruitment of both white collar and blue collar roles over a number of years across multiple businesses," said Dave Errington of Apollo Engineering.

"From assisting to scope the role at the beginning of the recruitment process, to ensuring we give ourselves the best chance of identifying the right candidate, all the way through to providing guidance for the on-boarding process, they are always extremely diligent and motivated to ensure you succeed. It's why we keep going back," he added

Dallas said, "When you take the time to understand your client's business, it shows that you care about their success. By empathising with your client's business, you can build a trust-based relationship that will last a long time."

Giide was formerly known as Infinite Pro. The company decided to rebrand to create a more impactful brand that aligns with its vision and mission to remarkably impact communities by connecting people with greater opportunity.

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