How Patients with Learning Disabilities are Turning to Care Horizons for Mentoring Services

People who live in the UK with a learning disability find that their daily lives are affected in a variety of ways, and many rely on their families for consistent and ongoing support.

Learning Disabilities is an umbrella term for a number of learning differences, which affect the way information is learned and processed and can impact literacy, memory, coordination, and the manipulation of letters and numbers.

Vierka Hiscock, managing director of Care Horizons, wanted to make a change and help people with LD become more independent and be a part of the community again.

Care Horizons Ltd is one of the key providers of mentoring services, daycare, and 24/7 care in the South Gloucestershire area.

It was established in June 2004 in a small office in Staple Hill, and since then they have continued to grow each year. Now their administrative offices are based in larger premises in Yate.

Care Horizon's team has grown to over 30 members of staff, who all contribute to continuing their mission of providing the highest levels of care possible.

Care Horizons aims to provide a holistic service to its client group within their home, based on each individual's needs and health reasons.

The company knows that people are their most valued resource, and as such, they uphold the principles of teamwork through open communication, clear objectives, and flexibility to continually strive to improve the quality and standard of service offered to their clients.

Care Horizons also makes sure that all its staff is highly trained. Hiscock involves her staff in making decisions such as how best to move paper records online and what training modules to follow. "We also have ongoing feedback from clients and their families," says Hiscock. "If something's not right, we change it."

Care Horizons has serviced over a thousand clients around the UK and continues to assist more and more people with LD. One of their clients has this to say, "Care Horizons has helped me find enjoyment in life and opened doors so I can feel a real part of the community again."

The company will never stop reaching out to people who need help. As a part of their expansion, Care Horizon also plans to open a social hub/day center in September.

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