How NFTs are Empowering Creators

Creators are increasingly attempting to reclaim ownership, agency, and money from employers, publishers, and distributors. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer creators the chance to interact directly with clients. But are they a fad, or are they here to stay?

NFTs are immutable blockchain-based tokens that effectively grant particular digital property ownership. Collectors and speculators have created a thriving market for NFTs.

The selling of a digital collage artwork by the artist Beeple for $69 million and the sale of the first-ever tweet (by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey) for $3 million were significant events in the market's growth. The NBA's Top Shot Licensed Digital Collectibles NFTs debuted in June 2020, and by May 2021, more than $550 million had been traded for video "Moments."

A non-fungible token is a digital asset that may be purchased and owned. These distinctive digital assets may consist of photographs, animations, GIFs, movies, sports highlights, and even video games. When someone purchases an NFT, they get ownership of the corresponding piece of original digital material, and they are regarded as contemporary or digital collectibles.

NFTs are unusual in that they are held safely on a blockchain, and a blockchain is simply a secure database for storing electronic data. NFTs exist on blockchains to ensure that the asset is unique and can't be imitated.

There is a significant desire among fans for creator-made NFTs. This is an interesting new method for content providers to monetize their work. And unlike brand collaborations, the material you offer does not need to be inherently "fresh." The viral YouTube video "Charlie Bit My Finger" was made in 2007 and was recently sold as an NFT for almost £760k.

Armen Tamzarian is now utilizing NFTs as a Creator, and he created the universe of Blockchain Bandicoot. In addition to amazing NFTs, Blockchain Bandicoot provides merchandise, immersive comics, and an animated feature film in 2024.

Blockchain Bandicoots defend the Blockchain universe. Unfortunately, a terrible evil known as KORRUPTION has begun to corrupt the Guardians across their world, leading to the creation of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS.

Kobe, a trainee Guardian, gets attacked by a KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS on his first day of work, but is saved by Devon and Kari, two Blockchain Developers from the real world.

The three are bombarded by a group of KORRUPTED BANDICOOTS; Devon thinks quickly and copies Kobe's code but something glitches on the Blockchain and 5000 Blockchain Bandicoots were born.

While NFT art auctions and digital collectibles have ignited the market, creators are seizing NFTs as the ultimate instrument to manage ownership and the sale of their work without the need for a third party to conduct transactions. By being maintained and cryptographically protected on the blockchain, NFTs provide transparency through its decentralized ledger system that anyone in the world can access.

Will you be an early adopter of Blockchain Bandicoot? The train is about to leave the station, don't get left behind. Blockchain Bandicoot will be one of the coolest NFT projects of 2022, hands down.

Blockchain Bandicoot

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