How Jordan Alexander and Stealth Consulting Management Inc. Stay at the Top of Their Game

"Create like a god, rule like a king, work like a slave, and play like a child."

This has always been the motto that drives Jordan Alexander, a venture capitalist and founder of Stealth Consulting Management Inc. He has the foresight to see the fruition of acquisitions, loans, and private equity. This propelled him to establish a vast network of relationships, completing all kinds of transactions across 11 countries.

To execute his vision with surgical precision, Jordan put together the most refined and remarkable professionals, from heads of banks and legal professionals to masters in the tech and art worlds. One of these people is Ryan G. Baker, Jordan's general counsel and litigation specialist.

"He is my North star and my most ferocious advocate," Jordan says. "To my mind, Ryan has it all-a strong focus on family and a great career."

Creating Long-Lasting Relationships

Whether he is purchasing a vehicle or a building, Jordan is not the kind of man to make one-off deals. As a result, Jordan has become quite a visionary and has built an extended business family with bountiful relationship capital. This allowed him to benefit from investments in Zoom, Cargojet, and Activision Blizzard, wth the last entity being purchased by Microsoft for $68.5B in cash.

"Don't do business with anyone if you think you cannot create a long relationship with them," Jordan advises.

Adding Layers to His Success

Jordan is now in the process of purchasing a top-tier European soccer franchise. It is the culmination of who he is-a strategic, premier business that supports the economy and its surrounding community, but is also a game.

"It has brought about the balanced level of success that few can comprehend and even less will ever experience," Jordan says.

Now, Jordan intends to complete his education at Yale and then go to Oxford to ultimately pursue a career in civil rights law. "We need defiant, skilled champions of justice that cannot be purchased or influenced by anything except for what is right."

Building On the Future

Jordan has a big family, with 14 children that he mentors all from single parent homes. Several of them are off to Ivy League schools and some of the top schools in the United Kingdom, where he continues to contribute to their education.

"I am guided by the fundamentals that once your personal house is in order you have an obligation to assist your fellow man where you can," Jordan says.

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