How Jean-Pierre Augustin's comeback is making a splash in the boxing world, inspiring countless athletes

When professional boxer Jean-Pierre "Kid Creole" Augustin appeared in notable films, supporters thought he was ready to throw in the towel and step down from the boxing ring. That might not be the case, as Augustin says he's not quite there yet, and it appears that he plans to juggle and pursue both his title as a professional boxer and actor.

Many in the boxing world are doubtful of his comeback, given that he has not fought in years. Augustin is undeterred. He says he wants to give back to the sport that has given him so much passion and prove that he has as much of a fighting chance as other boxers in the business.

The Kid Creole

This Haiti-born southpaw began his boxing career as early as 12 years old and had his first fight when he was only 14. Prior to turning pro, Augustin's amateur fight record was an impressive 52-12, boxing as a light heavyweight. His accomplishments include the Golden Gloves Regional Championship in 2007, the State Pal Championship in 2009, and a 2011 Pan American Games Gold Medal. Despite his permanent residence in Boston, Massachusetts, Augustin proceeded to represent Haiti in the 2012 Olympic Trials.

After roughly 15 years in amateur boxing, Augustin moved on to do professional boxing in the heavyweight division in February 2014. In the same month, he defeated Michael Davis in a fight at the Serbian American Cultural Center in Weirton, West Virginia, after four rounds.

Augustin's professional boxing career is most notable for his 18-1 record, with 18 wins, 13 of which are by KO, 1 draw, and 1 loss. He's also known for holding the WBO-NABO and IBF North American heavyweight titles, both of which helped put him on the map of professional boxing, previously ranking 11th in the world.

When asked about his fighting style and how he's had so much success in his previous fights, Augustin describes his fighting style, "I use my legs a lot. I'm not the biggest heavyweight, so I do use my mobility. I use my movement to stop from getting caught on the inside and to stop bigger fighters from working me up close. My speed and movement get me out of reach and out of harm's way."

Augustin often alludes to Muhammed Ali, Joe Louis, and Jack Johnson as boxers who had the most influence on his career as a professional boxer.

Taking on movie roles

In a surprise twist, after two years in the professional boxing arena, Augustin also tried his luck and explored the film industry. He was cast in three critically-acclaimed movies--Heart, Baby (aka The Hammer), Bleed For This, and Vault.

His temporary hiatus has left people wondering if Augustin has completely changed his course from boxing to acting, to which Augustin responded with a resounding 'No.' He intends to explore opportunities in both fields and wouldn't shun offers he'd get from producers and agents.

Though many are skeptical of whether or not he can juggle both careers, Augustin appears confident about his capabilities. "I know what I can do. I have no limits. Why shouldn't we do all we can to achieve greatness? If a film offer comes, I'm going to take it. If a big fight offer comes my way, I'm going to take it. People can't tell me what to do, and they can't say what I can and can't do," says Augustin.

His Comeback

In 2019, Augustin was pitted against Chris Arreola in what was dubbed a comeback fight for both boxers. Unfortunately, Augustin lost the fight to Arreola in the third round. Despite this, Augustin remains undeterred and is more motivated to keep doing what he does. "My greatest moments didn't come from my greatest moments. My greatest moments came from my greatest defeats because, during my defeats, I had to learn how to get back up," he says.

It's safe to say that Augustin has drawn the attention of both athletes and followers of professional boxing. His drive, passion, and curiosity about all things life has to offer even in the face of defeat, enabled him to inspire people to keep going and working for their dreams and goals.

Fans and followers can check out his social media accounts and official website for a closer look at the career and life of Jean-Pierre Agustin.

Jean-Pierre Augustin

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