How HighNote Marketing Makes the Most Out of Google's $150bn Ads Business

For more than a decade Google has been the market leader in the world of digital advertising, generating close to $150 billion. Its far-reaching capabilities to consumers has the potential to substantially increase businesses' sales and revenues.

HighNote Marketing sees this opportunity and seeks to be the leading digital marketing agency by conducting its business using data-driven processes. While the industry might be a cluttered one, HighNote has managed to grow by 1500% each year since its establishment in 2019, owing to its expertise in pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.


HighNote begins its process by learning about the entire business, understanding target markets and lifetime value of customers. It uses the latest industry leading tools in its analysis of competitors' campaigns.

While most agencies focus on beating the competition by using the most popular marketing keywords, HighNote also identifies the underutilised ones and aims to dominate that space. The team continually monitors its campaigns and makes the necessary adjustments.


HighNote's SEO strategies ensure businesses get ranked for searches that matter. The team identifies the most profitable keywords and creates strong backlinks, building client website authority. As with pay-per-click campaigns, HighNote's SEO constantly monitors results and makes the necessary changes to ensure the website ranks high throughout the campaign period.

The agency's approach has increased website traffic for businesses and led to an average growth of 38% year-on-year. For the team, the real clincher is creating a targeted sales funnel, reaching the people that matter at the point when they'll most likely make a purchase.

Managing Director Anthony Lakkis hopes to lead HighNote to become one of the premier digital marketing agencies in Australia and to take the company international, bringing their services to businesses based in the US and Europe. Lakkis is also optimistic that he and his team can double their revenue every year. Based on glowing reviews, they're likely to achieve this in no time.

"We noticed a substantial increase in leads once HighNote came on board managing our Google Ads. We now make roughly a return of $4 for every $1 we spent. This has doubled since Anthony and the team have looked after us. I was doing it myself before and was shocked with the level of improvements we could make having an expert manage the campaign."

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