How Did Two Teenagers Start an Online Business that Turns Over More Than 10k a Week?

From agriculturalist Eliza Lucas Pinckney in the 1800s to Apple inventor Steve Jobs, every age has had its share of great young entrepreneurs (1900s). It is now up to Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2012 and ranging in age from 10 to 25, to generate their revenue in novel methods. For many of these rising stars, starting early to pursue business as a method of leaving their impact on the world is essential.

According to The 2022 Investopedia Financial Literacy Survey, Generation Z adults (those aged 18 to 25) are more financially savvy than any preceding generation. Some successful young entrepreneurs get their start while they are pretty young. These young entrepreneurs go out to conquer the world of business, whether driven by family, events, or a desire to have fun.

Deciding to start your own business is a big step, and it necessitates stepping outside of your comfort zone and attempting something new. Why wait if that idea delights you? You're ready to take the plunge and start your OWN COMPANY. It takes a lot of work and certain dangers, but the potential returns are enormous. Take a peek at Helena and Tom, two 19-year-old entrepreneurial visionaries.

Helena Spiridis and Tom Evans launched Waev in the spring of 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. They came up with the idea while competing in professional tennis tournaments in Greece. Unfortunately, lockdowns forced them to return to Australia. They were quarantined for eight months, preventing them from traveling or pursuing their dreams of becoming full-time professional tennis players. They suffered financial losses due to their incapacity to compete and instruct. While under lockdown, they started making their swimwear and athletic clothing. They began a brainstorming session to develop a name for their new company.

Helena and Tom have always been enthusiastic about healthy living, sustainability, having fun, and being courageous, and they knew they wanted to include these values in their new endeavor. Waev was inspired by the ocean because, like life, there are calm and furious waters, and people will always return to the seashore in some fashion. This encouraged Helena and Tom to choose the name wave, which they changed to "Waev."

They already knew what fabric they wanted and how it was created when they founded Waev. They began looking for Australian manufacturers and thus started the challenging task of locating manufacturers that could produce the outfits utilizing recycled and ecological materials. This proved to be the duo's first challenge.

Tom and Helena began their research focusing on sustainability and the desire to be Australian-made. Calling and emailing local makers, they realized that having both of those characteristics at the same time would be entirely out of their budget when they first started. As a result, they began their journey searching for alternative manufacturers who specialize in sustainable fashion and recycled materials.

Most of Tom and Helena's creations are presently being produced in Thailand and China, and their goal is to be entirely Australian-made within the next two years. Their labeling, stickers, logos, biodegradable packaging, and other products are manufactured in Australia. Their staff in packaging, fulfillment, sorting, marketing, and much more are all based in Australia (Melbourne and Queensland).

The pair is thrilled that they can now expand their workforce and help fellow Australian employees, which is a step in the right direction. One of the first issues they asked their suppliers was whether they had fair work/trade and how the working conditions and environs were. Their suppliers have told them that they have honest labor and trade, and they have been given various videos and images of the employees and facilities.

They utilize biodegradable packaging that can be readily disposed of in a compost container and rapidly break down. The benefit of adopting biodegradable packaging is that it degrades quickly and does not contribute to the ocean's and planet's massive plastic issue. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to lessen, filling and fouling our seas and laneways. Waev's biodegradable packaging, on the other hand, can take 30-90 days to degrade and is created from plant-based components. Most of their products are constructed of recycled nylon/polyester, organic cotton/hemp, and even recycled plastic bottles.

If you've been following Waev's story, you'll know that one of the company's key aims is to create swimwear/yoga wear out of recycled plastic bottles, also known as Repreve fabric (a climate-neutral/cheerful fabric). Helena and Tom eventually accomplished their objective in 6 months! Their Repreve collection is constantly expanding and now offers over 15 different things produced from this fabric.

Waev also contributes 5% of proceeds to charity. This is an excellent opportunity for Tom and Helena to give back as a company and contribute to making the world a better place. Some of their larger ambitions include expanding to a large enough firm to employ many people and generate numerous employment opportunities for fellow Australians. They also hope to make a meaningful difference in the world by establishing the Waev Organization, which will work to abolish poverty, human trafficking, war, animal abuse, and pollution in the seas. Helena and Tom want you to purchase their vision when you buy from Waev, a vision for greater aspirations and sustainability in fashion.

Helena Spiridis and Tom Evans
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