How Coolzy will help with better quality sleep and productivity

Studies show that human bodies are designed to function better in temperatures 18 - 20 degrees Celsius.

That is why people find it difficult to sleep well when it's hot and humid. Imagine lying on a bed at 3 am when it's too hot and sticky to sleep, staring at the ceiling with anxiety about starting work the next morning. It's really hard to get the rest you need for tomorrow's tasks.

People living in hot places often experience sleep deprivation, and this is a matter not to be taken lightly.

Chronic lack of sleep leads to poorer job performance, productivity, and career progression, and an increase in job-related accidents, absenteeism, and counterproductive behaviors. There's a reason sleep deprivation is a known torture tactic (just ask any new parents). Conversely, better sleep has been linked to improved memory, knowledge acquisition, and learning.

The same goes for productivity. Rising temperatures can make people less productive and lethargic. A new study has found that hot weather may cause significant global economic losses because workers are less productive when it is hot.

Productivity drops by as much as four per cent per degree when temperatures rise above 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit), especially in workplaces requiring manual labour.

How do you attain better sleep and become more productive?

Research suggests that to sustain and increase worker productivity, businesses and governments must adapt to climate change. Localised cooling from portable air conditioners has been floated as one potential solution.

What's a portable refrigerated air conditioner?

There is a difference between refrigerated air conditioners and evaporative air conditioners.

Refrigerated air conditioning can create cool air in almost any environment and actually helps to reduce humidity. By contrast, an evaporative (or swamp cooler) is super cheap because it has very few moving parts, but they are ultimately very bad at cooling as they only increase humidity in the hope that it cools you down. The big problem is that this doesn't work in highly humid environments, and it can make you feel sticky and sweaty. It also requires constant filling with water.

Which portable air conditioner is best for the bedroom?

In our tests, we came across many good portable air conditioners, but one kept rising above the others. The Coolzy is a genuine refrigerated air conditioner. It provides around 20 times the cooling power of the small evaporative coolers. It uses patented technology to minimise the mixing of its cool air with the surrounding warm air. The result is that the cool air is carefully focused on the user's face and upper body (where we humans are most sensitive). It is as close as we can get to the ideal mini air-con, a really small portable air conditioner that provides comfort with very little electricity.

It is one of the best portable refrigerated air conditioners that we tested. It was the only unit that allowed us to get a good night's sleep because of its low noise level of 45-55 decibels (everything else was 65dB+). This means that you can rest better without minding the noise from your air conditioner.

If you're in a really warm environment (think outback Australia or Southern USA), a Coolzy can be paired with the Coolzy tent to keep in all of the cool air and also keep out the bugs. Perfect for states like Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, or Alabama or places that don't use fly screens on windows like Europe.

Can I use this portable a/c for a small office?

Yes, you can! This AC is small and light, which means you can move it anywhere in the room. Other units that we tested weighed up to 150 lbs, whereas the Coolzy was only 37 lbs. You can use it in the bedroom during the night and move it to your small office during the day. It's super portable because it doesn't use pipes, water, or ice, and it has the cutest little wheels. We tried to move a few of the other "portable ACs" but couldn't. They were too heavy and had a pipe attached to a window. This meant they weren't portable at all, and forget about it if you have stairs. This is a consideration if you have a small room and want to pack the AC away during the day.

When we had to work from home, the Coolzy was so quiet it didn't even bother us during Zoom calls.

Lastly, the Coolzy uses about 1/10th of the power of the other portables that we tested. It ran on 340 watts as compared with conventional ACs that use 3000 to 8000 watts of electricity. Why was this important? Well, in a heatwave, you run your AC 24/7 and the cost of electricity can really add up. The bigger ACs cost around $4 per day to run ($120 per month), whereas the Coolzy was only 66c per day.

So next time you're laying there at 3 am, sweating through the sheets and stressing about work the next day, consider getting a portable air conditioner. If it doesn't pay for itself by providing awesome comfort, it'll pay for itself by helping you be more productive, so you can hit your boss up for that pay rise you deserve!

Toby Osmond

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