Gary Slavin, the man behind Four Pebbles on a Bench

Gary Slavin had a long and successful career in the insurance industry before deciding to write a crime novel. In November 2020, he published his first novel, 'Four Pebbles on a Bench,' critically-acclaimed for its gripping plot and compelling characters that readers instantly come to love.

Slavin's Writing Journey

Slavin's interest in storytelling was sparked by his uncle's stories about his time in the CIA. This fascination followed him through his 40-year career in the insurance industry and, eventually, into his new journey as a novelist.

"I think all writers begin as storytellers. I love listening to good storytellers because, in their story, they impart knowledge, information, and beliefs that they want their audience to understand," Slavin says.

Slavin credits the start of his writing to the reports he had to prepare for his customers while working in the insurance industry. To assist his clients, he needed to create a story about how what he had to offer would benefit them.

"It was about creating a story about how these products or services will help my clients achieve their goals and needs," he shares. "In these stories, I also went straight to the point; I believed that people's time is precious, and they want a solution that helps them act on their goals and get back to their lives."

Slavin spent decades successfully helping people in the insurance agency. Eventually, he attempted to get elected to the New York State Senate in 2018, but life had other plans for the author. Through an unlikely turn of events of witnessing a drug drop while jogging around John Burns Park in Massapequa, Slavin had the epiphany moment for his first novel. He then got a friend's advice and took some writing classes, which inevitably became the first step to his success as a crime fiction author. "This is something I've always wanted to do, and I'm just glad I'm finally doing it," he says.

A Person For Others

Slavin attributes his success to his catholic upbringing. His parents had always taught him to treat people respectfully and try to help other people. He believes the insurance and investment business is about helping your client reach their financial goals, which has driven him in his 40-year career. He hopes that he can continue to help people through his book.

"I started selling property and casualty as part of the insurance business and changed focus to selling and helping people purchase the right policies and investments that meet their needs," he expounds. "Now that I'm writing books, I hope to help my readers by entertaining them. Me caring for others has not changed."

Growing up in a struggling middle-class family, Slavin knows how hard life can be, so he wanted to provide an entertaining reprieve for his readers that can also show them what it takes to succeed in life.

Drawing from his uncle's stories and insurance career, Slavin crafts a thrilling and compelling tale that readers will surely enjoy. "In writing the book, I wanted to be fast acting, present the problems to the characters, have them come up with a solution, and move the plot along. Because in real life, each of us faces problems or obstacles to our success, and we need to solve them quickly to achieve our goals," shares Slavin. "I also wanted the book to be a weekend read of entertainment. And for many of the readers, it was just that."

Four Pebbles On A Bench is available at bookstores nationwide in the U.S. or online via Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble. Readers can also check Gary Slavin's official website for more information and updates on his subsequent novels.

Gary Slavin

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