From Integrative Nutrition Health to Business Consultancy, Brynn Gestewitz Welcomes the Opportunity to Expand Her Health and Wellness Reach

Integrative nutrition health coach Brynn Gestewitz's mission of helping improve the global population's health seems to be an enormous goal, too big for a single individual. But maybe that's just the point. With her recent transition to business consultancy for health coaches, she might begin seeing her dream become a reality since helping coaches become successful implies more people are on their road to health and wellness.

Gestewitz isn't a stranger to the challenges experienced by health coaches, from building credibility to marketing and cold calling. Fortunately, her rich educational background as a degree holder of Master in Science in International Business and Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University has given her the knowledge and tools necessary to create business strategies to overcome these challenges.

Gestewitz was able to apply her business knowledge to her own health coaching business and secured a steady stream of clients. This led some of her colleagues to turn to her for her expertise in building sustainable businesses through sound business plans. Gestewitz, moved by her passion for helping her colleagues succeed and ushering as many people as possible to jumpstart their path to health and wellness, slowly transitioned her business to consultancy, accommodating health coaches.

Currently, she provides several services, all designed to help eliminate the most stressful and challenging parts of the health coaching business--increasing credibility in the field. Gestewitz can assist clients with paid ads strategies, publicity, social media campaigns, and publications. Her methods prove profitable as more and more of her clients get responses from prospective customers.

Her consulting services span a year to ensure sustainability, which most business coaches don't offer to their clients. She has encountered many coaches who were forced to spend thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing until they found their way to Gestewitz. According to her, the problem with these business coaches is that the consulting services run in a short time frame and don't ensure stability.

Since her transition to consulting four months prior, she has already maintained a steady growth of clients each month, projecting a six-figure revenue by the end of the year, a testament to Gestewitz's effective methods.

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