Founder Spotlight: Natasha Mohan and the rise of WorkSocial

WorkSocial's operations are anchored on the founders' passion and purpose, making them resonate with and beyond their target audience. This is precisely why WorkSocial has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past years and is consistently rated New Jersey's best coworking space.

WorkSocial: from its humble beginnings to its undeniable success

Combining the founders' years of experience in running a small shared office space and learning the ins and outs of digital marketing with an impactful vision of "happiness in the workplace" became the distinguishing factor of WorkSocial from its competitors.

"Collaborative workspaces make people more productive. We take the noise out of acquiring workspace for small teams. We focus on the people, we focus on bringing our members together as a community, and we focus on giving back to our community," shared Natasha Mohan, founder and CEO of WorkSocial.

Mohan made it a point to be people-centric by bringing together a community from different industries. She made it her mission to help people find a deeper purpose in their careers. Opting to start in the workplace, Natasha Mohan "decided to build a space that humanised their workday" through WorkSocial, where a fun and happy lifestyle meet the demands of those working from anywhere.

WorkSocial operates in compliance with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards

Socially conscious investors often favour companies like WorkSocial that comply with the ESG standards to screen potential investments. The ESG criteria secure the investors to avoid greater financial risks due to a company's environmental and social practices.

WorkSocial is ESG-compliant, mostly commended for their intentional hiring. The company welcomes members of the LGBTQIA community, is ethnically diverse and practises fair pay where all employees are granted equity in the business. Driven by their social responsibility, WorkSocial also conducts weekly feeding programs at St. Joseph's Home Shelter in New Jersey.

What people say

Centring on empowering their employees and clients, WorkSocial has earned the high praises of those who have had the privilege of experiencing their services.

The company's reviews include testimonials saying, "Great space with extremely hospitable and professional staff. Jane went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. Easily accessible location, great technology on-site and very comfortable space for my workshop. I would highly recommend this facility."

Influential motivational speaker and repeat client Kyla Mitsunaga also raved about WorkSocial's inclusivity. She said, "I've been a WorkSocialer for about 3 months now. When I first met with Natasha, she asked what the other cosharing spaces I had visited were offering me and took the time to get to know me and my needs as a solopreneur. I felt heard, respected, taken care of. That feeling hasn't stopped since I decided to join WorkSocial in December 2019: from the massages on Fridays to the healthy food, to the inclusivity, to the clean workspaces, to the networking opportunities... WorkSocial feels more like my new family more than anything else."

Learn more about why WorkSocial works by visiting their website,

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