Fixle: Educational Cartoons For The Whole Family

Fixle cartoons are fun, educational, and good for starting conversations about the real world with children.

Fixle, the wide-eyed hero of the series, shows youngsters how things should be done, while the naughty monkeys do the opposite.

Fixle is a purposeful cartoon series that helps youngsters understand what blue- and white-collar workers do, and how things should be done correctly. It aims to educate children about career paths they might consider after they finish school. In short, Fixle is a fun comedy cartoon series.

Fixle also has a mobile app, which its purpose is to connect families and communities. Not only including school activities but also encouraging outside adventures.

About The Show

The Fixle Cartoon is an animated and comedic look at people's careers. It shows us a day's life in the different industries.

Families will love the many family references from the internationally renowned comedian, narrating throughout the series.

Fixle cartoons promote diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.

At the end of each episode, the narrator recaps the lessons and provides information regarding the various industries.

The Fixle series demonstrates how to deal with the workplace situations. The task is presented in a humorous and positive way, with a view to get right at the first time.

Fixle Is Observational Learning

Fixle cartoons take a hilarious look into different industries. They show us what it takes to complete the job properly.

The Fixle Show is a revolutionary way of dealing with global careers. Check it out.


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