Expensive Therapy Sessions? Meet the Australian App revolutionizing affordability in the mental health space

Facing your own battles with no one to talk to is one of the most difficult things we can ever experience. Overthinking, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness are not easy to manage when you know you don't have someone to confide in and tell them what's on your mind.

Facing this alone will not help you in any way. Although there are instances when we keep it to ourselves because we believe there is no one around who would truly listen. And, as much as we want to undergo treatment and seek expert help, we don't always have the financial means to do so.

That is why, Lyf Support, a 24/7 mental health help app, has decided to become the platform for everyone facing these battles in their life.

Lyf Support is an Australian grown App that was launched in December 2021. They have been changing the normal avenues of therapy and paving the way in digital health by offering instant, text-based therapy at a more affordable price.

The best part about Lyf support is the fact you can access it any time of the day or night and have a professional to talk to at that very moment.

The Lyf Support App is absolutely free to download, and it offers individual therapy sessions with actual specialists. During their first months, the app is offering $10 per session as their opening special. The prices will change but will still offer a much more affordable price than the traditional therapy. Each session is 30 minutes, however, it can be extended if needed.

The app promises to make communicating with mental health specialists significantly more inexpensive and accessible for the masses, including those who may have previously avoided seeking professional help due to high financial fees.

The idea was launched after the founder Eddie Wittenberg realized that he couldn't find any immediate help for the pitfalls surrounding his insomnia. At that moment, he realized that the current system was broken.

The Lyf Support App was designed to resolve the issues with traditional mental health services instead of waiting months on end for an initial appointment and paying exuberant fees.

To know more about Lyf Support and how to reach them you can visit their website.

Lyf Support
(+613) 9663 6935

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