Evangeline De Chatillon shares how her clients get breakthroughs in their careers and personal lives

Well-versed in having her clients achieve wealth. She highlights that this isn't the end-all, for she herself achieved monetary success while side-lining her passion.

It isn't just the accumulation and manifestation of wealth that Evangeline is prevalent in having her clients acquire. Still, she is gifted in helping her clients discover and live out their passion which equates to a happiness of purpose like never before.

Statistics show that if you've acquired wealth, and have yet to discover and live out your passion. You will always feel something is amiss and try to fill that void unconsciously.

Personal coach and Outstanding Achievement in Leadership recipient Evangeline.De Chatillon isn't unfamiliar with the misconception. For several years she was also misled into thinking that if she had a specific amount in her bank account, she would be able to pursue her true passion and become happier. Unfortunately, after gaining monetary success, she discovered that financial gain couldn't give her fulfillment. Instead, she was exhausted mentally and emotionally.

This enlightening experience brought her on a journey of self-discovery, a process that she would later offer to her clients. Using her more than a decade of knowledge and expertise in trauma release, rewiring of subconscious programming, leadership, and development, she designed programs to help her clients not only turn their yearly income into their monthly, but also significantly achieve results in all aspects of their lives. She found this holistic approach was a more effective way to achieve goals.

De Chatillon's methods set her apart from other personal coaches who focus more on career development. On the other hand, De Chatillon believes that when proper mindset and toolsets are employed, gaining traction in their career and the work comes naturally.

Thinking Into Results Program

De Chatillon's best-selling mentorship program, Thinking Into Results, tackles the fundamentals of self-image and the correct mindset. The program also helps clients properly structure their lives and businesses for long-lasting success. De Chatillon also provides tips and advice on how clients can stay in charge of their lives regardless of the circumstances.

Her process and methods have made her one of the most popular life coaches, gaining a massive following on social media platforms. To date, she has more than 1.3 million followers on her @Evangeline.DeChatillon Instagram account, and she has assisted hundreds of clients in tapping their full potential and reaching their goals. One client enthusiastically shares his experience going into the Thinking Into Results program.

"The Thinking Into Results program was life-altering for me. Under Evangeline's guidance, I got the answers I had searched for for countless years in just one week of working with her. Within the first three weeks, I acquired a substantial raise at work. In four months, I purchased my first home, my dream home. After six months, I owned my own chartered flight company."

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