Evangeline De Chatillon shares her journey from dealing with trauma to becoming a renowned life mentor

It's been proven. Ask successful people, and they will attribute much of their success to working with a mentor.

Clients attest that they improve their work performance, self-image, relationships, interpersonal skills, work-life balance, health, and wellness. Evidently, coaching works. This explains why it is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Evangeline DeChatillon shares her journey to becoming a high-performance mentor and why it sets her apart from other coaches and mentors.

De Chatillon had her fair share of unpleasant and traumatic experiences that ultimately created a mistaken identity and self-image, prompting her on her journey of growth and self-discovery. Within the depth of trauma, she developed compassion and the ability to understand precisely how to help her clients achieve the same success.

Motivated by her passion for helping people rise to the challenge of living beyond their experiences, traumas, and limiting mindsets, De Chatillon mentors her clients through courses and programs. But it didn't happen overnight. For a long time, she also struggled and settled with "B-type" goals. She wasn't a stranger to putting off the things that she wanted to do, in spite of her passion, because she believed that only when she had acquired enough and "lived abundantly" would she be able to pursue what she wanted. However, even after reaching her monetary goals, she was still unfulfilled and drained of her mental and emotional energy. It wasn't until she planned her "C-type" goals, using the same methods she mentors her clients within the program, that she was able to experience contentment and happiness.

De Chatillon's newly found success and happiness moved her to help others experience the same success and wellness holistically, overcoming imprinted blocks. "I know how difficult it is when you're not at the helm of your ship and simply riding the waves of deep-seated traumas and programming; especially how it affects your self-image and how that negatively impacts your level of success due to a mistaken identity," says De Chatillon.

Her road to turning her past traumas into successes has paved the way for hundreds of De Chatillon's clients to experience fulfillment by going after the things they're most passionate about.

It's not just about experiences for De Chatillon; she seamlessly incorporates her decade of coaching and business development experience to create programs that cover fundamental concepts like the power of self-image and overcoming volatile upbringing.

De Chatillon hopes to help more people unlock their potential and become the highest version of themselves by self-actualizing their dreams into realities. Apart from her official website, people who want to get past their traumas and blocks can reach out to her via her Instagram account with the handle @Evangeline.DeChatillon.

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