Entrepreneur Spotlight: Helena Chanko, California's Leading Designer, Builder, and Business Mentor

"I knew I'd eventually have my own business - it was never a matter of if, but rather a matter of when and what," says the Southern California-based designer, licensed landscape builder, and business mentor, who on top of building a successful Landscape Design & Build firm Kreative Landscaping, is now also paving a path for Millennials and GenZ as a guiding mentor into entrepreneurship.

Her story stands as an inspiration for those trying to navigate through the entrepreneurial landscape as the world transitions and evolves in a time of digital proliferation.

Her tenacity is clear as day - even speaking over Zoom, as she storylines her early days as an entrepreneur back in 2015 and lifelong commitment to the manifestation of her dreams.

Helena began her career in Business and Digital Marketing with over 17 years of experience, consulting for some of the most reputable Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley, CA, before setting off on her own, following her entrepreneurial spirit and love for design that she traces back to her pre-teen years, creating fashion books from scratch with her signature designer outfits.

This integration of experience and passion has been key to Helena's success and where she stands today. "As a teen immigrant and member of a broken family with less than ten words of English, I quickly learned that perspective is everything and adopted a 'why not me' attitude very early on. It wasn't always easy, but I knew I had to keep believing."

Kreative Landscaping's portfolio covers new residential developments, luxury residential homes, and commercial outdoor spaces. As the company matures, she says that her firm is very keen on partnering with luxury residential and commercial developments that really want a resort-style feel.

Apart from her creative passions, Helena expresses a genuine care for upcoming generations and struggling business owners and, therefore, also serves as a business consultant, mentor, and keynote speaker for those seeking positivity, productivity, and increased profitability.

As a person who, despite life's adversities, achieved her dreams, she advises that, "the answers always lie within yourself and source - and to me, that source has always been my faith in God." She adds that remaining committed to the dream and believing that it was not accidently placed there by ourselves but by a higher power. "Often our gifts and talents are what lead us to our purpose. I don't know that I'm fully there yet - but I know that the blessings I've been given are not meant for me to selfishly hold onto, but to be shared to lift and help others. It's been a rough journey, in the right direction - nonetheless."

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