Enter the Metaverse: ArtWallStreet brings NFTs to the people

ArtWallStreet is on a mission to make NFTs accessible to everyone.

Even if you have no understanding of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, blockchains and digital wallets, ArtWallStreet can hook you up with this exciting opportunity simply and with minimum fuss.

ArtWallStreet helps newcomers who want to get into NFTs but don't know where to start. They aim to become the leading platform for NFT newcomers who want a flying start to their journey into the crypto metaverse and beyond.

"We are creating an open ecosystem for newbies and power users alike, with options to interact with inter-operable platforms like OpenSea," says CEO Arun Sugumaran.

ArtWallStreet offers a complete, easy and seamless NFT-buying process. When a user creates an account, a blockchain wallet is automatically established for them. Customers can simply register and buy NFTs with a Visa/Mastercard. ArtWallStreet has also just enabled USDC top-up.

NFTs are unique digital tokens in the blockchain network. Artists have turned their art into these digital tokens and buyers have rushed to invest in these 'collectibles'. The popularity of NFTs is rising fast and many people who understand their potential have already made significant profits.

ArtWallStreet makes it easy

Understanding cryptocurrencies, setting up wallets, keeping up with the latest collections, and avoiding gas fees and crypto scams are all important aspects of navigating the burgeoning NFT and Web3 ecosystems.

ArtWallStreet solves these problems and makes it all relatable and accessible. Their superior user experience is perfectly summed up by this customer:

"You just click the one you want. The platform tells you to top up your payment value, a click here and there and the NFTs are yours. There will be no more wallet syncing, copying and pasting addresses, gas fees, and so on. I would highly recommend using ArtWallStreet."

Collectors love ArtWallStreet because they can buy and trade NFTs simply and easily.

Brands and creators love ArtWallStreet because it provides a launchpad for their NFT collections and campaigns, plus exciting AR experiences, all tailored to their specific fan bases.


The release of Woke Workaholics

ArtWallStreet is excited to announce the second tier launch of the Woke Workaholics collection on January 25, 2022, at 11:55 pm SGT. As a special offer, you can gain access 15 minutes before the public sale by reserving your slot here.

Woke Workaholics is an NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. The project is a collection of 10,000 unique Woke Workaholics with endless combinations of attributes and traits. Every Woke Workaholics is algorithmically generated and no two characters are exactly alike.

All Woke Workaholics are cool, but some are rarer than others. Only 10,000 will ever exist, which creates the sort of scarcity prized by collectors. Other collectors may find certain portraits attractive and value them highly because of their looks.

Woke Workaholics has generated a lot of buzz on the internet. They already have a devoted community of enthusiasts, comprising thousands of social media followers and an ever growing Discord community.

Woke Workaholics NFT holders will also have access to Woke Rising, an AR-enabled and play-to-earn game, created in partnership with Singapore-based indie game incubator and publisher, The Iterative Collective. In Woke Rising, your NFT character can find woke items, complete game objectives and level up, earning valuable experience points and enhanced attributes.

Woke Workaholics is off to a flying start, and more contests, promotions and fun freebies are planned.

"When the collection is sold out, we will launch the AR-interaction and Woke Rising. This is a fun game in which you can communicate with your Woke Workaholic both in real-time and while playing," said a spokesperson.

You can communicate with the ArtWallStreet Woke Workaholics teams via Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.


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