Eddie Wittenberg created the world's most innovative mental health app

An Australian start-up has built a mental health service that provides 24/7 support to its users.

Lyf Support App, launched in December 2021, provides instant text-based chat sessions with mental health professionals at an affordable price.

Eddie Wittenberg is the founder of Lyf Support. The idea was born when he himself was struggling with debilitating insomnia and the effects that came along with it.

Struggling to sleep in the middle of the night, he realized that there was no professional help available at that time.

He created Lyf Support, an app that would give people what Eddie knew he wanted and needed during his own struggles but wasn't yet technologically possible.

"When you're suffering, especially from anxiety, 5 minutes can feel like hours. Hours can feel like days. Days can feel like weeks. Why can't we get guidance or tips at the moment we need it most, instead of waiting until the morning (when a night of sleep is already lost) or the next day, week, or whenever an appointment has been scheduled?" Wittenberg wanted to know.

With mental health and wellbeing becoming increasingly important, particularly in recent years, there's no better time to launch an app like this according to Eddie.

Lyf Support is free to download, making private therapy sessions with licensed professionals available for its users at any time of day or night. Pay as you go for each 30 minute session; they can be extended if needed.

The app aims to ensure connecting with mental health experts is more affordable and accessible for people, including those who may have previously avoided seeking such treatment due to financial costs.

"Being able to prioritize your mental health and wellbeing is never a luxury - it's a necessity," Wittenbergbelieves.

"That's why it's so important for Lyf Support to be offering its services 24/7 - because life doesn't stop for mental health, and sometimes people need help or assistance at any time of day or night," he added.

The app was developed to address problems with the current mental healthcare system, such as long wait periods and a lack of fast and cheap mental treatment.

Lyf Support is available in all app stores and it is already helping many users who are impressed with the ease and simplicity of finally finding the help they need.

One of the clients, Simon, has this to say, "Really affordable and easy to access instead of waiting months for an appointment or referral to come through. I felt heard and listened to."

Their proficiency in developing innovative solutions coupled with the desire to assist people is one of the reasons that help them thrive in the journey.

Wittenberg is proud to say that "No matter how big or small your problem is, everyone at Lyf Support is here for you."

Lyf Support

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