Dreame continues to grow as an online literature reading platform on the Internet

As the Internet continues to grow and become a wealth of reviews, essays and articles about literature, finding intellectually stimulating content can feel like wading through a massive slush pile. While there are a number of reliable arts and culture websites, finding engaging content among the clickbait and 140-character links can be challenging.

But the hunt for a serious library of online literature became a little easier with Dreame, an online reading platform that provides a feast of premium novels for readers while allowing local authors to publish their own works.

Founder Alan Fu says he long desired to create a home on the web for lovers of literature. Now, Dreame takes pride in being a pioneer in the online literature industry, accumulating over 300,000 books in over 20 languages.

"It is very rewarding to have launched Dreame along with a series of products that engaged and entertained more than 60 million users. We aim to further develop the Dreame platform into a global leader in pan-entertainment in the near future," says Fu.

Dreame made its debut in September 2018, and its readership hit 1 million in December of the same year.

In January 2019, Dreame has reached 10,000 writers. In July 2019 Dreame introduced the Writers' Benefits Program where an influx of new writers has joined. After a month, Dreame launched its first writing contest.

"We have introduced our First Writing Academy Program in June 2020, with free online courses and writing competition," says Dreame's spokesperson.

The platform had its third anniversary celebration event in August 2021, and in November of the same year, Dreame named Paulo Avelino, a popular Filipino actor, as their brand ambassador.

"Many of our writers have developed their own distinctive style and won an audience that loves their creativity as much as their recommendations," adds their spokesperson.

"Our goal is to unite an open, vibrant and diverse ecosystem of storytellers on one platform. In today's digital world, stories can reach audiences worldwide because writers are no longer limited by what publishers consider to be marketable or book-worthy, but rather by what online readers find interesting."

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, many people now prefer to read books on the internet. Reading novels online has become much more convenient due to the wide variety of online reading platforms available to readers.

Dreame is primarily a reading platform for web fiction and online literature aimed at a global audience. "At Dreame, readers can get their reading fix with novels from many genres, and writers can express themselves creatively," says Fu.

Aj Nottingham
Senior Journalist

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