Dr. Conor Hogan, Ph.D. helps high-performing professionals become more resilient

Consistently spectacular performances are crucial for high-performing individuals, such as athletes, musicians and artists. While long hours of training and practice is commonly the price the elite pay in exchange for medals, standing ovations and topping the charts, Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D. believes that the most crucial preparation is that of the mind.

As the world's leading high-performance neuro-socio psychologist, Dr. Hogan specializes in pushing the boundaries of human potential. This holistic concept is highly beneficial for those under constant pressure to achieve at the highest level.

According to Hogan, when these people take to the stage or playing field, they no longer have their coaches and trainers - all they have is themselves. From here, it is their mindset that will determine how they will perform.

"Although great performers can prepare well, they also realize they have normal human reactions, such as anxiety and nervousness about their upcoming performances. It's how they manage these emotions that make them truly great at the crucial time," Dr. Hogan says.

Dr. Hogan acknowledges there is a wide variety of self-help practices that artists and athletes undertake to be more mentally resilient.

Some like to wander the stage or playing field and visualize their moves. For others, this only makes them more anxious. Some take a power nap right before the show. Others pace.

Hogan helps these high-performing people manage their emotions right up to the moment when the lights go up or the hooter blows.

The artists and athletes who have worked with Dr. Hogan attributed their improved mental resilience to his calm demeanor, and the techniques and strategies he teaches.


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