Disrupt Art brings an immersive experience of art, culture, and technology to Ohio through MidwestCon

CINCINNATI, OH / August 3, 2022 - Disrupt Art, a curated and interactive NFT marketplace for artists, collectors, and activists, has partnered with the Art Academy of Cincinnati to bring the MidwestCon. This inaugural event will take place from August 12th to 14th at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in Ohio, and is the first-ever Web3 innovation conference in the Midwest region.

Disrupt Art Founder Rob Richardson believes MidwestCon will push Cincinnati to the forefront of innovation in the areas of Web3 and art in the Midwest region, effectively addressing this overlooked region when it comes to technology.

MidwestCon is set to take the Web3 convention up a notch by providing an immersive experience of art, culture, and technology through live musical performances, fashion shows, and activations. The convention will also hold discussions by experts from all over the country across various fields, including NFTs, decentralized finance, cybersecurity, and other forms of investing. The panel of experts will also discuss the future of art, entertainment, and fashion in the metaverse.

The metaverse industry has been reshaping the global economy with a market value of $100 billion. Richardson is confident that the convention will propel the Midwest region to greater recognition in the technology field.

Analysts of the field forecast that Web3 will eventually touch every aspect of entertainment, finance, and culture. Richardson sees the MidwestCon as an opportunity for the region to enter the market and showcase its innovators, pointing out, "Innovation happens here in the Midwest as much as anywhere." He further adds, "Cincinnati is ready to be a leader in the Midwest, and the innovators and builders in Cincinnati deserve a conference to match."

Known as the first full-scale black-owned NFT marketplace in the world, Disrupt Art aims to create an inclusive environment for people who want to take part in technological advancements regardless of professional, educational, and cultural background. When asked what motivated them to hatch MidwestCon, Richardson says, "We have a choice--we can complain that tech isn't built with us in mind, or we can build it ourselves. No one is giving us inclusion; we must build it. That is why we started Disrupt Art, and our launching of MidwestCon will address overlooked communities in the areas of technology and Web3."

About MidwestCon

MidwestCon is the brainchild of Disrupt Art and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. The three-day convention will take place from August 12 to 14, 2022, in the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Ohio. As the first Web3 innovation conference in the Midwest region, MidwestCon aims to bring innovators and builders together and present Cincinnati as a leader in technology and innovations.

About DisruptArt

Disrupt Art is the first full-scale black-owned NFT marketplace that enables artists and collectors to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. The primary goal of Disrupt Art is to bring equity to blockchain technology by making the NFT community accessible to anyone. Its founder Rob Richardson has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, law, education, and media. He also served as the youngest chairman of the board at the University of Cincinnati.

Rob Richardson
Disrupt Art

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