Dating expert Demi Paterson's new book attempts to answer all the questions women have about finding a soulmate

There is a long-standing and unfair stigma attached to single women seeking a partner. A stigma fuelled by misconceptions that these women may be desperate, needy and clingy. More often than not, this is far from the case, and in fact, these women are commonly independent and successful in their own right, but can find it hard to meet someone who complements them perfectly.

Many women simply don't have the time or energy to date. They're busy with their careers, their families, and their friends. And when they do have free time, they often don't want to spend it going on dates. All of these factors can make it difficult for women to find romantic partners.

Demi Paterson's new book explains how to find your soulmate

In her new book, titled, "The One - How to Meet and Choose Your Ideal Partner,'' dating coach and author Demi Paterson aims to help women find true love:

"If you're a single lady that can't seem to meet the right partner, this book is for you. If you're in a good relationship but you feel you are not moving forward with your partner, this book is for you. If you are in an unhappy relationship but do not feel that you have the tools to leave, this book is for you," she explains.

But to find love, she says people must learn to be honest with themselves and other people first. She adds:

"To attain anything in life, being honest with yourself about what you want and need is of the utmost importance. When it comes to a life partner, transparency is of vital significance and surpasses any other characteristic. This is the person you want to spend the rest of your life
with. Your partner in crime and time! Your one true mate to have all your adventures with, no matter how trivial or immense. This person will be the one you can do anything or everything with."

Equal opportunity dating

Demi Paterson emphasizes that just because women buy relationship self-help books does not mean that men will not find the solutions in her book.

"This book is for men who want to know what most women want more than anything else in a relationship, especially when it comes to dating. After several decades of dealing with women, as well as advice from my male clients and friends, I was able to compile and answer all of the questions that women have asked me over the years, as well as demystify the male mind, in this concise conversational book," she continues.

The book was also written to assist adults of all ages, dating sites, dating coaches, dating companies, and other related professionals in finding the right answers.

Experts in sociology and psychology have also weighed in on Paterson's self-help book's legitimacy:

"Demi draws generously from her own life experience, both personal and professional, to give us this smart, witty, and relatable read," says Dr. Jennifer Wilson, MBBS, BMedSc.

"A remarkable and easy read, combining practical advice, scientific principles, and the author's own life experience. If you are looking to attract, 'The One,' this book is for you." - Ricky Probst (BA, Grad- DipPsych, C.Dec) Mental Health Clinician Sunshine Body Balancing

About the author

In addition to being an author, Demi Paterson is an international speaker, certified trainer, and performance coach. She is the President and CEO of Confident, Happy Women, and Better Business Development.

Demi is also in charge of training and delivery of services to people with mental health concerns, especially trauma, at Skills For Independent living.

More than being an international best-selling author, Demi aims to empower individuals to attain their best potential and discover the secret to true happiness.

'The One - How to Meet and Choose Your Ideal Partner' by Demi Paterson is currently available for pre-order and is due to be released by the end of August 2022.

Demi Paterson

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