CoinFriendly Announces New Partnership with RocketFuel

CoinFriendly, America's first online cryptocurrency-only marketplace, joins forces with Rocketfuel, the best crypto payment solutions on the market, to provide more secure transactions for its users.

New Hampshire (February 10, 2022) - CoinFriendly, an ecommerce website offering wares that can only be purchased using cryptocurrency, has announced its partnership with RocketFuel, a blockchain company that creates cryptocurrency payment solutions.

In January 2022, CoinFriendly opened their virtual doors. The New Hampshire-based website is the first of its kind in the United States. The site makes it easy to purchase a wide variety of goods using crypto.

One of the issues that businesses have with accepting cryptocurrency is the fact that there are very few payment processors that are reliable, worry-free, and secure. By partnering with RocketFuel, CoinFriendly provides eCommerce vendors and customers with secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency transactions, combined with the ease of a super-simple, single-click checkout.

With this system improvement in place, CoinFriendly sets its sights on reinvesting in the asset class itself. "Our ultimate goal is to provide a circular economy for Cryptocurrency, and we are starting by reinvesting a large portion of our profits back to crypto. This allows us to keep value in the market and pass the benefits of high interest Crypto returns back to our users in the form of lower costs for their everyday shopping needs," says founder, Terence Sullivan.

In addition to the more popular forms of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and LiteCoin, CoinFriendly also accepts up to 120 different types of crypto, ranging from Ethereum, XRP, and Dodge. This makes it easy and possible for those holding any of the multiple cryptocurrencies to spend them on items that they need and want.

"CoinFriendly is at the forefront of crypto innovation and we are excited to partner with them and bring the crypto eCommerce revolution in the United States. Crypto as a payment method is reaching high adoption rates. RocketFuel recognizes this demand and is actively working to improve the crypto payment flow by making it easier for shoppers to connect their exchange accounts with us and shop with a one-click checkout," says Peter Jensen, CEO of RocketFuel Blockchain.

Among the many product categories available to peruse and purchase on CoinFriendly are electronics, home and kitchen items, pet products, exercise equipment, gaming consoles and accessories, jewelry, tools, and more. Overall, they have over 10,000 products for sale, all of which can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

Terence concludes, "We want to provide cryptocurrency users with a safe and secure platform, partnering with Rocketfuel was the best way to do so."

About RocketFuel

RocketFuel is a global payment processing company offering highly efficient, one-click check-out solutions using Bitcoin and 120+ of the top cryptocurrencies, and Bank transfers to eCommerce merchants and customers.

RocketFuel's solution focuses on enhanced customer privacy protection eliminating the risk of data breach while improving speed, security, and ease of use. RocketFuel users are able to enjoy seamless check-out using their favorite cryptocurrencies or direct bank transfers and forget the clunky cart paradigm of the past. RocketFuel merchants are able to implement new impulse buying schemes and generate new sales channels unavailable in current eCommerce solutions.

More About CoinFriendly

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