Chase Sabina talks about the need to be authentic when marketing within Private Equity

A decade ago, private equity firms limited their marketing strategies by issuing a press release and putting up a basic website. Back then, the competition wasn't stiff, and firms prided themselves on being elusive.

Times have changed. The 2021 Ernst & Young report states that more money is being raised, and more private equities are formed every year. Firms are now a competitive industry, where only those prepared to take marketing seriously will come out on top. Business development professionals for private equities have pointed out the importance of marketing in gaining a competitive advantage.

For The Hinterland Group's Founder and Director for Strategy, Chase Sabina, marketing in the private equity space isn't just about making the firm known. For the former brand photographer and marketing consultant, it's all about authenticity. Back in the day, when he was making content on social media platforms, he wasn't so concerned about getting likes or comments. He just wanted to provide engaging and aesthetically pleasing content consistently. He was never motivated by the number of followers. He was simply passionate about playing around with new styles and ideas and seeing what the audience liked. This turned out to be a good strategy. In no time, his content had hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of impressions. While he believes learning the platform's algorithm helped bring in more audience, it was his authenticity that attracted followers.

Sabina has always been focused on creating unique campaigns without sacrificing the authenticity of his brand and his clients' brands. For Sabina, the best way to do this is by telling stories.

"Having a story to go along with the content is crucial to building any brand. People want to feel as involved and as engaged as possible. Stories sell. Authenticity sells. Bland, obvious, sales marketing campaigns don't," says Sabina.

He also believes that in the same way that he built his audience, he can create any brand its own audience through authenticity. Sabina believes that people want brands that represent them and when the end-consumer can envision themselves with that brand, the closing of deals follows shortly after.

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