CEO Spotlight: How Cody Patrick built the #1 music marketing agency

Cody Patrick runs Organic Music Marketing, one of Atlanta's leading music marketing agencies.

Patrick began his career in music aged just 16, and over the years he has built a strong network of musicians and fans. His background in digital marketing campaigns has seen his agency attract more than 135,000 social media followers, a testament to Patrick's strong music promotion strategies. Hundreds of artists have entrusted their music to Organic Music Marketing.

Cody Patrick was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1990. He discovered his love for music while he was still in high school. He managed indie artists and raised funds to launch their careers, before completing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg.

Along the way, Patrick found many music marketing organizations made big promises but failed to deliver.

"Determination set in, and I began experimenting with my marketing strategies, learning from both my failures and my successful labels," he says. "After years of managing, creating and executing marketing campaigns for multiple artists in the Atlanta Hip Hop community."

"I wanted to build a brand that gives value to artists, not just fake numbers on their social media and streaming profiles. I aimed to provide genuine marketing services with a return on investment for artists. This is why I launched Organic Music Promotion in 2012."

Patrick has planned and executed hundreds of digital campaigns of various sizes and types and can confidently manage marketing for any artist, regardless of their budget.

"Over the past decade, I have learned more and more about the music industry. Each year, that special spark that causes artists to go viral or become famous seems to change," Patrick says.

"Whether it's via TikTok or a meme, the internet finds a way to organically expose an artist to the world. I believe I am able to identify the optimal platforms and outlets that can lead to career-changing moments for artists."

The services offered by Organic Music Marketing include playlist promotion, PR, social media influencer marketing, online advertising, music video promotion, web design and graphic design.

Long-term, Patrick aims to continue helping artists avoid the music promotion scams that are endemic to the industry. He wants to showcase how he runs his campaigns, and to educate artists about what is possible, including the breakdown value of capital, high-quality records and hard work.

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