CEO Ahmed Elbatrawy Partners With CoreLogic to Revolutionize Arab Real Estate

CoreLogic has partnered with Ahmed Elbatrawy, CEO of Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC, to pursue a joint vision of revolutionizing the Arab real estate industry. This is an exclusive partnership with Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC and will be available throughout the entire Middle East.

The exclusive partnership will focus on the development of Elbatrawy's innovative new real estate platform which will be an Arab MLS real estate platform. The platform aims to become the first of its kind and the "future of the Egyptian real estate industry."

By using the latest algorithmic technology, the Arab MLS real estate platform will connect potential homebuyers to listings all over the world. It will also provide buyers with easy access to everything they need along the way, from tax information to title documents.

Elbatrawy plans to launch the platform as a way to vastly improve the Arab real estate industry for lenders and homebuyers alike. Once live, the Arab MLS real estate platform will provide cutting-edge access to listings in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC will have a big announcement coming soon. This announcement addresses a big joint venture with the Egyptian government.

"There are so many people out there who don't have access to the knowledge and resources required to make their real estate dream come true," Elbatrawy says. "Arab MLS real estate platform is going to arm them with these resources and make it all possible. It's going to be an exciting journey."

Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC is also in the process of negotiating with one of the biggest leading investment firms in Saudi Arabia to implement the system.

Elbatrawy's inspiration for the idea sprang from his many years as a top real estate software developer, realtor, and entrepreneur.

After growing up in Egypt, Elbatrawy moved to America 30 years ago, where he enjoyed an international real estate career. His resume is backed by millions of dollars worth of successful deals in Orlando, Cairo, and Saudi Arabia.

In addition to helping buyers find their dream homes, Elbatrawy also offers coaching on his signature real estate sales techniques. At the core of his strategy is the idea of showcasing houses in a way that allows potential buyers to picture them as their new homes.

His extensive knowledge of homebuyers and their goals is something that Elbatrawy hopes to incorporate throughout the development of the new platform software.

When seeking out a partner for the project, Elbatrawy decided to turn straight to the company that sets the gold standard of American financial service.CoreLogic is a leading data, analytics, and platform provider that's helped millions of buyers achieve their goal of homeownership.

The California-based company also specializes in digital real estate solutions for lenders, government agencies, and other participants in the housing market.

CoreLogic has produced streamlined solutions for 28 out of the top 30 mortgage lenders and services in the country. It also provides real estate property tax services for over 75% of all mortgages in the U.S.

Additionally, it's estimated that half of all residential appraisals in the United States are completed with the help of CoreLogic Software.

By combining their vast experiences in the world of real estate, Platform Lenders and CoreLogic plan to change the face of the Arab real estate industry. With a focus on simplified, accessible solutions, the Arab MLS real estate platform promises to launch an exciting new era for Arab and international homebuyers.

About Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC

Ahmed Elbatrawy is the Founder and CEO of Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC, an all-new Arab MLS real estate platform connecting homebuyers with quality real estate listings around the world. Elbatrawy also serves as a Licensed Partner at Engel & Volkers in Orlando, where he oversees the firm's operations across the rapidly-growing Central Florida real estate market. A seasoned Realtor trusted real estate expert, and serial entrepreneur, Elbatrawy is passionate about helping people realize their real estate goals. During his 25-year career, Elbatrawy has compiled more than half a billion dollars in real estate sales. He was recently awarded the RE/MAX Club's Platinum Sales Agent Award. Elbatrawy became known as a high-end celebrity real estate agent after successfully selling the famous 72 Beverly Park property in Beverly Hills for 24.5 million dollars. 72 Beverly Park was previously owned by a well-known billionaire family in Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Elbatrawy
Ahmed Elbatrawy LLC

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