Celine Tran and what it truly means to be a Pet Influencer

Having cute and unique pets is an instant way to gain social media fame, but what does it mean to be a celebrity pet enthusiast, especially on big social media platforms like TikTok? Celine Tran (@celinetails on TikTok) shares some insights on how she effectively utilises her platform and online traction.

"People often think that having cute pets is enough," Celine said, "and unfortunately, some would go to the extent of purchasing pets because they're trending."

Besides showcasing pets on social media, Celine emphasises the importance of having the right pet care education, starting with a proper diet to ensure overall well-being. Some of her trending content includes grocery shopping for her dogs and preparing their holistic and nutritious meals to ensure that they receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed.

Celine Tran (@celinetails) is not only entertaining, but also a credible source of information for all things pet care. Staying true to her profile bio that says "just a girl and her 17 pets", Celine has a mix and match of common and rare creatures. Her list includes:

Draco - Male European Doberman Katana - Female European Doberman Wulf - Female chihuahua pomeranian mix Pablo - Male French bulldog puppy Lucifer - Female British shorthair cat Salem - Female Exotic shorthair cat Butters - Female Exotic shorthair cat Yeti - Male Exotic Shorthair scottish fold mix Nimbus - Male Exotic Shorthair Kilo - Blue eyed ball python Mr. Pickles - western hognose Chikmin - Chaco horned frog Beans - female whites tree frog Cheese - female whites tree frog Gumby - Mutant pacman frog Venom - male jumping spider Ghost - female jumping spider

Her 1.3 million fans on TikTok are treated to a daily dose of cute and educational content revolving around her fun lifestyle. She also posts more comprehensive videos, in-depth Q&As, and her overall unique daily life on her Youtube channel, with over 3,000 subscribers. As a vet technician who has had relevant work experience in the pet care industry, Celine Tran has gained tremendous credibility in what she does.

2022 and beyond

As her way of giving thanks to her followers and subscribers, Celine Tran (@celinetails) has started her line of merchandise called Hell Hounds LA. Inspired by her Dobermans, Hell Hounds LA carries an intricately designed Doberman protection keychain within its product line. She is also set to launch her vet-approved dog treats this year.

Follow Celine's fantastic adventure as a pet enthusiast, an online influencer, and an entrepreneur through her official social media channels.

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