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Origin Nile Film announced today that Aurelea has been cast as the star of the "The Good Accident Film" produced and directed by Origin Nile Films the premier indie film company in Georgia.

Aurelea, headliner of the New York City theatre scene, recently starred in 'The Tempest' as well as winning the Audience Choice Award at the Chain Theatre's 'Winter One-Act Festival' joins the likes of Director Jibril Haynes & Writer Vladimir LaFortune on this ambitious and eye opening project that tells a story both sharp as a knife and as heartfelt as a new born.

Aurelea plays daughter to a powerhouse co-star Liz Bishop whom together creates a new dynamic in mother / daughter pairings.

"It is an honor to have worked with Aurelea, again being that our first rodeo was the film "Sharon & The Sewing Circle," says Vladimir LaFortune, writer for the award winning Origin Nile Films.

"Through Aurelea's talents and determination so far, she has helped further our understanding of the acting process, preparedness and love for the craft. We look forward to seeing what great things Aurelea will continue to achieve in the years ahead."

Aurelea first worked with Origin Nile Films as a teenager. After providing a believable and powerful audition video, Origin Nile Films casting department quickly realized that they've found a diamond in the ruff; to coin a phrase. LaFortune said he'd almost given up on the hopes of landing such a young talent but Aurelea convinced him.

Her and her father traveled from Melbourne, Australia to Atlanta, Georgia and was ready to challenge the character, memorize script and work hard. Aurelea out-auditioned a slew of actors and was cast as the lead role in 'Sharon & The Sewing Circle.'

"Aurelea is the ultimate triple threat. She is an actor's example of what it means to be a professional, a writer's muse and a director's dream come true," La Fortune said.

Vladimir LaFortune
Origin Nile

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