Care Horizons: Most Trusted Mentoring Services in Bristol

Starting out from a small office based in Staple Hill, Care Horizons LTD, is now one of the most sought-after care services companies in Bristol and the South Gloucestershire area.

Care Horizons was founded in June 2004. In 2017, Vierka Hiscock took over the agency and turned it into a more specialized care services company, which now provides bespoke assistance for people with learning difficulties and mental health needs.

Hiscock and her team have been attending to clients in their homes. Carers help adult clients of all ages overcome challenges with tasks like washing laundry, buying and cooking food, learning computer skills, or going for a walk.

Hiscock has a team of highly trained professionals that can identify and care for people with learning disabilities, autism, and Asperger Syndrome. Many of their service users have varying degrees of these conditions, and their care plans reflect the level of help they need as individuals.

To ensure that each customer receives the greatest service possible and is treated as a part of the family, the firm assigns one staff per client.

"We provide one-to-one supervision, and team members often stay longer than scheduled to ensure client wellbeing. I stayed until 3 am in a hospital looking after one lady. I treat both staff and clients like my family," Hiscock said.

In 2018, the company participated in the Parliamentary Review into social care and received the Healthcare Service of the Year award at the Bristol Prestige Awards 2020.

"I am proud to have committed to ensuring that our staff members are all trained to achieve their full potential. When I took my QCF qualification training, I applied the same standards to myself - I have trained for, and have become, a coach and mentor for both business and life skills," Hiscock says.

"I hold recognized qualifications, and I know how positive empathy should be put into coaching and mentoring. I am also offering all our staff one-to-one mentoring and coaching every month for these skills, as well as a business coaching and mentoring service to other companies," she adds.

They even received a royal stamp of approval as they were featured in the official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album. It is the only one of the few companies all over the UK chosen to represent the service sector because of Hiscock's effective and unrivaled style of leadership.

But despite the recognition, Hiscock believes that the greatest achievement for her is knowing that their clients are happy, secure, and satisfied with their services.

"It's never about what our clients lack; it's about what they have and how we can help them use that to their advantage."

They find fulfillment when their clients start to need less care. "We start by looking after someone for 40 hours a week, then we realize they only need us for 18 hours. We're doing ourselves out of work, but it's great - holding someone's hand on their way to a more independent life."

Their goal has paved the way for their company to become the most trusted care services company in Bristol and the South Gloucestershire area.

To reach Care Horizons, you can visit their website.

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